Liftmaster 3800LM Residential Jackshaft Opener

creek_sideOctober 18, 2009

What't the current feeling about the Liftmaster 3800LM residential jackshaft garage door openers?

I was planning to install them on my new garage, but was warned by someone who should be in the loop that people were having problems with them, especially with heavier doors.

I have done several web searches without finding many negative postings about them, so the warning came as a surprise. Has anyone here had any bad experiences with these units?


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I have a feeling your source is confusing the Liftmaster with the Wayne Dalton which is surely a piece of junk.

An opener should never see a heavy door. The door is counter balanced by the springs and if it is properly installed and maintained a small child can open it. This shouldn't be a factor in your decision at all.

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That was the first thing I asked. He said no, he was talking about the Liftmaster brand, not the Wayne Dalton I-Drive, or whatever they call it.

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When the Liftmaster 3800 first came out there were a number of problems. It seems now that most of these idosyncrasies' have been worked out. I am the service manager for one of the larger garage door companies and I don't get near the calls now as I did a year ago. Also, we do not install them in doors over 14' high.

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Thanks Alexis. That's very useful information.

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I agree.
We install the RJO all the time and never have any problems.
To be honest, I am still in awe every time we install one.
They are incredibly well designed and made and give us no problems at all.
You will be happy with it.

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