Craftsman GDO Stops Mid Way - Won't Open/Close

mikekalOctober 23, 2010


I installed a new Craftsman GDO #139.53918D 3 months ago.

For the last 3 weeks, the door has been stopping mid way up or down.

I have reprogrammed each remote and wall unit, but the door only works a few times before stopping mid way again. After the door stops, the remotes will not work for several hours.

I called the teh 800 number. They stated that the problem sounds like it is due to the logic board.

They are sending a new one.

Does it sound like the logic board is causing this problem?

Is the board easy to switch out?

Does anyone have instructions on how to do this, and a link to a website?


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You need to release the door from the opener and operate it by hand. Is there a point where the door is binding? Review the instructions in your manual for up and down force adjustments. When the remotes won't work for several hours points to the logic board.

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