commercial-type rolling steel doors

miamicanesOctober 23, 2006

Does anybody have any idea how the cost of a commercial-type rolling steel door compares to the cost of a conventional sectional garage door with tracks? Say, for an opening 18-20 feet wide, and 7-8 feet high (the lower numbers are minimums, the higher numbers are values that it could be if it meant saving money by using an off-the-shelf size).

A normal residential garage door won't work, because this is for a SECOND door in the SIDE of the garage, next to the parked car. Presumably, the tracks for the main/front garage door would get in the way of the tracks for the side garage door. The general theory is that a rolling steel door only needs about 2 feet of space behind the wall where the door is installed... so with a 14-foot interior and 9 foot door, there should be enough space to fit the entire side door to one side of the front door's tracks.

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You might try contacting Overhead Door Company. They are nation wide and list what they call a metal curtain that is 18'4" by 8'4".

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Rolling steel will be alot more expensive and the opener will be even more expensive. However if you have enough head room you might be able to put aonther sectional door in with a little bit of highlift to get you over the second door. Just another thought.

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