Grandparents rights

tatumsgrammyJanuary 14, 2007

I am very distraught my grandaughter is 8 yrs old we have a very unique and strong bond last year my daughter signed rights over to the dad and his wife and the wife adopted my grandaughter. I could not understand why she did this until this past year we found out she is severely Bipolar and the wife threatened her that if she did not sign the papers because she owed arrears in child support she was going to have her thrown in jal so my daughter signed. I was still allowed to stay in my grandaughters life after the adoption because they both knew the importance of our relationship until now. Right after Christmas I let the father know that his wife was having an affair with the man across the street and that she was locking the children in there room and going across the street to do this. Well it backfired on me he loves her and wants to make it work because he had an affair last easter and she forgave him. SO he is allowing her to cut me off from my grnadaughter she has had all phones changed or disconnected and any contact has been stopped she is telling my grandaughter the reason I am not coming around is because I dont want to see her. She told me that kids are resiliant and she is going to do everything to cut me out of her life and make her forget me. I am so distraught over this because of the bond I have had with this child. She has been coming to my house for sleepovers for the past year almost every other weekend. Then the stepmom goes to the police last weekend and swears out a warrant for my arrest and told them I threatened to kidnap my grandaughter . Which is a ery false accusation. But now if I get an attorney to defend me it is going to cost me 1000.00 Im so scared they are going to turn her against me and I will never see her again can anyone help Please !!!! I live in NJ

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Sorry to here this. SOundeds like a difficult time. I wrote an article about my grandfather which may give you some inspiration. It is easy to lose focus in a situation like this and I am thinking that this articel (on wisdom) may help you take a long view on the subject.

Good luck!


Here is a link that might be useful: What is wisdom?

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