carpet shearing problem

jmbaker3May 5, 2011

Have been trying to finish off two rooms with carpet. Initially ordered Masland Fleckstone, which is a cut and loop. Carpet came in with severe shearing problems. You could see lines of higher cut pile and then on top of it all , it just wasn't cut tight enough to the loop. Causing the cut pile to lay overtop the looped. Since then we have asked Masland for smaples of other cut loop carpet. The last one being Tocarre. Again, the newest sample came in with the same shearing issues. Just today they got us a fresh sample off of a roll and you can still see the cut pile is not as tight as it should be...They seemed to be pleased with this one. Anyone have any suggestions and what is causing this?

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are you sure your not seeing pile crush from it being on a roll? Sometimes if you gently steam it and the yarn relaxes it may 'bloom'.

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No, rep came out and said it was defective. We choose another line of theirs and got a fresh sample and it too had shearing problems. Rep then sent us a fresh cut off latest roll and the density of the pile was less than the sample boards we had seen. They said they had reworked the machinery on this one, but it still doesn't look as good as board sample. So now looking for other alternatives.

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