Grandchildren live nearby?

LynnZeeJanuary 21, 2006

Just wondering...we have 3 grandchildren, we live in Colorado, 2 of the grandkids live in Arizona, one lives a couple of hours from us, we see him once a month or more, the other 2 once a year usually. Are your grandchildren living near you? How often do you see them? Lynn

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Our daughter had our first granddaughter,3 months ago. I was able to be there in Florida for the birth. When the baby was 2months old, they moved to Colorado! We live in South Carolina. It was hard to see them go, knowing we'll miss a lot. We send pictures and we got a web-cam, so we can see her on a monitor. Pretty cool. Great technology.
Don't know how often we'll get over that direction.

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I'm in Ohio, grandaughter Georgia.

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I am very lucky... my grandchildren live within 25 miles of me. I see them all at least one day a week, sometimes more. Two of my daughters live in a bigger town that I go to for the "bigger" shopping... like Walmart, Targets, Malls, ect so whenever I'm there, I stop in to see them and they usually come down on weekends. My other daughter only lives 12 miles away, so she pops over a couple nights a week. They each have 1 child, and range from 4 yrs old to 6 months. I can't imagine my life without them being this close to me... if it's over a week, I'm calling DD's and asking if I can come and get Abby/Maddie/Braden, and if they can spend the night! I tell them to go have some fun... Im babysitting. My hubby is the same way, he'll say "I need an Abby Fix (or Maddie Fix, ect)... go get her!"

I would be lost if any of them moved away from me. I know it could happen, but it would be a nightmare.

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My granddaughter lives 6 blocks away and son and DIL are expecting another in March. We are truly blessed. We see Sarah every week, usually for an overnight once a week, oftener in the summer when I don't work. I get jealous when the other grandma comes to visit or (gasp) takes Sarah home for a few days, but I try to remember how much I see her and to be fair. Our son and DIL in Chas., SC are expecting in May, and I'm so sorry that we'll not see that one as much, but we're going there when the baby is born and then again for a vacation in August. I am going to have to be a good lon distance GP, but it's hard when they're babies.

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Our granddaughter lives only 10 miles away. We moved from Southern CA. to Phoenix so we could be near her...this was before she was born. She's now 18 months and we're so lucky because we see her everyday when we babysit while her parents work. She doesn't have to go to Day Care and we have had the joy of being with her everyday. I wouldn't trade this for the world!

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My 5 month old grandson lives about 2 blocks away from us. DS and DIL bring him down several times a week and I can't kiss him enough.

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My two oldest live in NY I live in Va so I don't see as much of them as I would like. But I live very close to my youngest granddaughter, in fact I keep her while her mother works. We are very close and at 10 she is sharing my love of gardens, cooking and baking.

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Hi, Lynnzee. My grandgirls live close. My 3 oldest across the road,they are 8,9&10. My youngest is 17mon. and lives next door. We just found out another little one is coming in june. We own a turkey farm and raise around 90,000 or so a year. My girls are always ready to help. I watched my girls come into the world,it was truly a blessing. My daughter and son inlaw work away from home and so does my son and daughter inlaw. So nana has her girls most of the time. I wish all grandparents could spend as much time with there grandkids.Have a blessed day. nanatofourgirls(nana) mabe soon five.

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You all are such wonderful grandparents. I wish my children (a boy eight and a girl five years old)would have the same type of grandparents. We moved (1 hour instead of 8 hrs. by plane)to be closer to my in-laws about ten years ago and one of the reasons was that our children would be closer to their grandparents. We've been disappointed because the grandparents are hardly involved in their lives. They go over to spend the night with them about two to three times a year and that's all they want. They want the kids only on their terms and at their convenient. Other times when we asked, they usually refused. We only want them to enjoy the kids. We've never asked them to help out with babysitting or anything like that (we have our own babysitter). Once we asked them to help out because I was too sick to care for the kids, they refused. They finally asked us for the kids this year (would be the forth time). Because our schedules are tight and we tried to fit them in so we asked them to have the kids at a different date. The kids got all excited because they thought they were going to grandparents' house while my dh talked to his parents on the phone. Dh hung up the phone and was disappointed because the grandparents said no. It broke our hearts that we had to tell that to them. My in-laws are both retired. They babysit my SIL's children twice a week and would go out of their way for her. They live about 30 minutes away, but are willing to drive there regularly.

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Caitlin, that's so sad...not only for you, your husband and children, but also for your in-laws. They have no clue what they are missing. Obviously you and your husband know the love they are missing, but they seem to be too self absorbed to notice.
They remind me a bit of my in-laws. They were very involved with their daughter's children, but didn't pay attention to their son's children. We finally had to cut contact with them because our kids were realizing that Nana didn't want to spend time with them and spent a lot of time with their cousins. It was a difficult decisionand one that was open if Nana wanted to see the kids...but she said she had all she needed with her daughter's children. kids lost a grandmother, but they also had a great one with my mother. Nana lost her grandkids and never asked to even see our third child. I feel the greater loss was hers.
I just don't understand grandparents like this. I'd swim through shark infested waters to see my grandchild everyday!

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Mine lives a mile away I think it's to close. It wouldn't be so bad if DD was not here more than she is at home I have cable TV and a puter that is online she doesn't that's the main 2 reasons she comes here OH and I also COOK she doesn't.

Couple hours a week visit from DD and Gson would be plenty for me. Sonny doesn't nap well here DD almost always brings him when he needs a nap that doesn't help matters. It has gotten better tho DD was staying over night with her DH and baby in tow cause they was to lazy to go home to sleep I finally spoke up told her to go home her home was gonna be more peaceful than mine since then she hasn't stayed overnight. If she lived a couple hours away I could understand overnight visits but not for a mile down the road and not when she had to sleep on the floor to spend night here.

Don't get me wrong I love the family but I need time to myself too couple hours is plenty for me.

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Our oldest daughter, sil and our two grandkids live about 5 hours from us. Wish it was closer, but we still manage to get together once a month or so. Our grandson is three and he's remembering being at our house now, so he's very excited when they are planning a visit here. Also asks when we will be going there. Granddaughter is only 4 months old...we were there for a week when she was born and spent some time with them at Christmas and New Years. We're going there this weekend, and I just can't wait to see them both again. When I was growing up, I only saw my mother's family once a year...they were 1200 miles away...and yet, I felt really close to them and couldn't wait for our yearly visit. (and this was before email, and we didn't talk on the phone daily, like I do with my daughters). So, while it's wonderful to have them living nearby, I think the relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are as strong as you want them to be.

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Hi, all. Nanatofourgirls just found out that #5is on the way. Will be arriving in July. Now quess what it's a BOY , yes a BOY. Were all so happy. Please all pray for a safe arrival. My DNL had a hard time with BP last time. Have a blessed day all. nana

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