Photo eye does not turn opener lights on

dheggemOctober 12, 2011


I have two of the same Sears 1/2 HP openers and they work great. Both open and close correctly and if the photo eye is triggered, it will stop the door from closing/opening. The controllers work fine as well and the opener lights work when I select 'Lights' on the controls.

The issue I have is that after two years of operation, both doors stopped turning on the opener light when the photo eye is triggered. The photo eyes are on and lined up. The light switch on the controller is off.

The scenario is when the door is open, lights are off, and I walk into the garage from the outside. When new, the opener lights would turn on due to the photo eyes detecting entry. This no longer works.

Any ideas?



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To have your lights come on automatically when you walk into an open garage, you must START with the lights ON. If you don't want that feature and you want to turn it off, you must START with the lights OFF.

To turn the feature on, turn the lights on manually with the wall switch, then press and hold the LIGHT button for about 10 seconds until the motor unit light bulbs flash. Now, if the light bulbs are on, manually turn them out and then walk out through the open door. The light bulbs should come on.

To disable this feature, start with the light bulbs OFF and everything else is the same.

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Thanks for the prompt response!
I will try that as soon as I get back home.
It makes me wonder how that feature was turned off from original factory settings.

Thank you,

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