Garage Floor tiles

disney1October 1, 2006

I am having a really hard time deciding whether to paint my garage floor or put down garage floor tiles. I bought enough tiles from Sears to cover about 1/4 of the floor to see how it would look. They look good but I am wondering what will happen when I take a hose to rinse them off and water gets between the tiles and goes under the tiles. Will this become a mold problem over time? Anyone have any experience with the tiles from Sears? Thanks!

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Maybe I should re-think the tile idea.....not a soul on here has ever used these so they must not be very popular to use as a garage floor covering!

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Annette Holbrook

I'm not personally familiar with the Sears tiles, but if they are made like the Racedeck tiles then moisture shouldn't be an issue. The Racedeck tiles have a channel system on the bottom for support and air and water flow. If the tiles you have are made the same way then mold and moisture shouldn't be a problem.

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After looking at the Racedeck tiles on their web site, they look very similar. If you don't mind me asking, how big of a garage did you tile and how much did it cost?

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Annette Holbrook

My garage is 484sf (about 22x22). I haven't tiled mine yet, but the quote from Racedeck is 1476.00.
From what I understand the Sears tiles and the Racedeck tiles are very similar in quality. I prefer Racedeck only because I want white tiles in my pattern and Sears doesn't offer a white tile in their lineup.
Racedeck tiles are about $3.00 per sf, whereas Sears is about $2.75 per sf. If you don't think you need the really heavy duty tiles, then you can find other brands on ebay for about $1.70 per sf. Just do a search for "garage tile".

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Thanks for the info Annette. I'll check out ebay just so I can compare since I don't need real heavy duty tiles.


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