concrete ramp from garage into driveway

toad08October 14, 2006

I am installing a concrete ramp from my garage into the driveway. The concrete forms are 26 feet across and come out 5 feet from the front of the 2 car garage into the driveway. I will have the concrete delivered next week. Is there any advice you could give me before the concrete is poured? The rest of the drive is gravel.

Thanks for your help.

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Are you doing this yourself? A job like this is for a professional if you want it to look nice. Finishing concrete isnt easy. Some tips......I use rerod and lots of it...not mesh. Every slab I have seen ripped out the mesh is always at the bottom. Make sure you have a good firm compacted base.

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If this ramp is sloping downward to the basement you must make sure that there is a storm grate and adequate drainage at the bottom where it meets the house, otherwise your ramp will be a water flume channelling storm drainage into your basement.

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we have a truck concrete ramp from the street to the warehouse that needs to be moved from one garage door to another approx 10ft apart.
how can it be moved

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