Wide board floors

egal680May 28, 2011

I am starting to lay my wide board floors . Both Oak and Ash . The boards have been air dried for 4 years ( the last 6 months in my garage under a tart with a dehumidifier ) . Moisture ontant was checked at eh begoinning of winter and was betweern 7 and 10.

The widths range from 7" to 10" ( with some Ash up to 13" ) .

I have tongue and grooved them but I have heard several options for attachment .

I was going to lay felt paper , Back prime the boards w/ water based poly and conventionally nail / staple the edges. Finish will be oil based poly.

But I have also been told to use a construction adhesive and Face screw & bung the boards.

I am putting this down ( in the spring ) in a house that does not use the central air very often, so I am also thinking that I should not but the boards together too tightly , in fact , maybe leave a 32nd gap.

I could live with gaps but am afraid that the boards will buckle if laid to tightly.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I would not lay wide boards personally. I've seen too many disasters. The one thing I would suggest would be deep kerfs on the back and crown up.

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Thanks, I have heard alot of warnings but have sees a few successes also. I realize I will have to accept gaps in the dry weather - just dont want any buckling. Im assuming the kerfs are for air circulation , so gluing doesnt sound compatable. I was going to back seal the planks so the top and bottom had about the same porosity and might not bow up in the middle ( along with the crown up ) .

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"along with the crown up"

The back of T&G flooring is normally dished out to save on shipping weight.

The faces are not interchangeable.

The wider the broads they more movement WILL occur throughout the heating and cooling seasons as the humidity changes.

Nothing you can do will stop the movement.

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