Dip In Garage Floor

ibjamminOctober 21, 2009

When my house was first built, the person who poured the concrete must have thought that I would never put in a garage door. So he decided to put a dip about four wide and about three feet from the edge closest to the driveway in towards the inside of the garage I guess thinking I would wash my car inside the garage and that way the water would run out. Problem is, I never intended to do that and I did eventually put a garage door in and now I am stuck with this gaping hole across the bottom of the door where it does not touch the floor. What would be the best way to fix this problem? Do I need to just use self leveling cement and pour it into the dip and allow it to smooth itself out? The floor has been painted so I guess I would have to use muriatic acid to clean the paint which I guess should also etched the concrete as well. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Cut out the low spot and pour new concrete.

Shim the botom of the door to match the dip in the floor.

I would be very surprised if a patch on concrete would survive. It would just pop or flake off.

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