Makayla's Pizza

annie1992February 16, 2014

This is the pizza I made when I was at grandma's. First it had a smiley face.

Then I added some things to the pizza.

It was SOOOOOO good!


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Oh, Makayla, your pizza looks wonderful. How did you like it? The smiley face looks like very happy pizza.

You are ahead of me. I have never made a pizza! What did you add after the smiley face ingredients?

Nice work!

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Wow Makayla, your pizza looks fantastic. I think cooking wil come very easily to you because your Gram is such a wonderful, sharing cook. I love your excitement about cooking and joining the forum is such a treat for all of us. Thank you for sharing and hope that we get to see many more Makayla creations. Mary

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Welcome to the CF Makayla. You aren't a stranger. Many of us have known you since you were born.

Your pizza looks delcious. Perfect in fact.


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Oh, your pizza looks so much better than the one we had for dinner tonight - we bought it. I sure wish I'd had a slice of yours.


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Nothing better than homemade pizza. Looks like a good recipe.

Thanks for posting.

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It looks fantastic. We love pizza and have to make it every Saturday!

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Thank you so much dedtired ,cbadcali,momj47,ann t
bcskye, momj47 Islay corbel. After the smiley face I added bacon, sausage, and pepperoni, and some mozzarella cheese.

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WOW, I am impressed! I wish I had a slice for breakfast!

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That's a very professional looking pizza!


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Thank you dcarch.

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MaKayla you are one talented young lady. That pizza looks fantastic and delicious. You are going to make a wonderful cook when you are grown. I know your grandma is very proud of you. If you ever come to Georgia you can always cook for me. We are just off the interstate. lol

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There are a few folks who post great looking pizzas here - way to jump right in and show them they've got some serious new competition! Welcome to the forum, Makayla. Of course you're kind of not really new here, but nice to "meet" you first person!

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Good to see you posting, Makayla. Pizza is one thing I have never made from scratch and yours looks terrific. We'll be looking forward to more of your cooking adventures.

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Another great CF talent!

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Wow Makayla, you sure jumped in with both feet didn't you!!

Fantastic looking pizza. I glanced at it earlier, but thought Annie made it, until I actually read the post! I could lick the screen every time I see your picture.

You're light-years ahead of me, I've never made a homemade crust. I just use tortilla shells.

Welcome to the CF kiddo!

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Makayla, you made my favorite kind of pizza!


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Didn't you read the rules?

"No photos of good-looking food allowed, unless you make enough for everyone!"

...Because I just made that up.

Makayla, I was particularly excited the day you were born because I got a second chance to shop for little girls' clothes (my 12 yr. old daughter Sam was all 'grown-up' at the time).
The dress I chose for you was decorated with tiny apples...or maybe cherries? Not sure. Of course, you can't remember 'cause you were a baby, and I can't remember 'cause I'm old.

Btw, your grandma Annie, has posted many photos of you, over the years. So we were not only privy to your debut into the world, but your debut into the wonderful world of cooking as well.

Your dear mom and grandma have played a role in your pizza-making skills. And I hope you'll keep sharing more with us.

Back to the rules. We're free to discuss anything on this forum, except, 'sugar in cornbread,' and 'fresh garlic vs. powdered.' I'll let your grandmother explain.

However, if you want to see sparks fly...give me a heads-up, I'll grab the popcorn and (root) beer :)


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Well, Makayla has gone home. She spent the night here, as did her brother, and she had a great time.

She doesn't have internet access at home, heck, I can't even get a cell phone signal out there at the farm. So, she can only post here, at her Dad's shop or at school. I told her that she could email her food pictures to me and I'd put them on Photobucket for her, though, so watch for more!

Sol, I remember that dress. I'm sure it was apples, because you also sent me some napkins with green apples around the same time. I still use them, although Makayla has long outgrown the dress, LOL.

Hopefully this year she can post her own Fair pictures, and she's hoping to start a small roadside farm stand with some baked goods and jam (allowable under Michigan's Cottage Food Law), so she can make some money for her college fund. She's already thought of a name, "Makayla's Munchies". Plus, it gives her an excuse to spend some more time baking with Grandma, who conveniently provides the ingredients. (grin) Her brother has generously offered his services as official "taster", just to make sure "no one gets sick". Ahem.


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Annie you have a special young lady for a grand daughter but you already knew that. Not only does she have a name for her goodies but she plans to make more food items for the fair. May I ask how old is she? I wish my grand daughter could cook and she is 18. Only thing she knows is where to come for food when she is hungry. Grandma and Grandpa's. You have to be so proud.

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Mary, Makayla is 10, but she's been cooking since she was old enough to sit on the counter in her footie pajamas.

Her brother has been cooking right along with her, he's 8, but his focus is more on eating the goodies than in preparing them.

Makayla tends to be very focused, so right now she's working on crepes, she wants to know how and why and what and do them exactly right. If she has to eat dozens of Nutella filled crepes until she gets them right, well, then she'll just "sacrifice". (grin)

She started with picking apples

and decorating cookies

Moved on to tea with me

using the big mixer and cracking the eggs

Making the muffins herself with her own Danish dough whisk (wearing Grandma's shirt to keep her clothes clean)

to winning ribbons at the fair (now using that shirt as pajamas instead of an apron, LOL)

for her baked goods:

And her friends here have followed her all the way through her life so far, giving advice and recipes and support and encouragement and cheering her on. It's only natural she wants to be a part of this.


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Any time Makayla wants to visit Australia and try out the oven in my house she'd be most welcome :-)
Does she still have the blanket :-) ? I do enjoy making baby blankets.

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Yes, Colleen, she still has the blanket. She still uses it when she's watching TV on the couch, because it's soft:

Amanda still has this too:

Yes, that's "Bruvver", LOL.

And she still has her kangaroo, too

Boy, she was small....

I'll tell her she has a place waiting for her when she visits Australia. (grin)


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Wonderful post Makayla and Annie! The pizza looks fantastic!

Makayla's Munchies is a great name, who knows where it could lead.....


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Thanks for posting those pics of the Monkey Princess. She has been a beauty since day one. Thank you, too, for sharing her and Bruvver with us. Funny how I can feel so fond toward a family that I have never even met IRL. Elery is my FB friend, too. He is a riot.

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Besides the pizza, I am impressed with her typing and spelling! I also remember how much I liked to cook when I was that age, and the good thing is that it can be a lifelong passion and there is always more to learn.

I love the smiley face on the pizza - I used to do crazy decorations on food when I was 10 also - but mostly with cake icing.

Congratulations on the ribbons you won! I entered cooking contests when I was a boy in central Texas, but by the time I was 12, they disallowed boys from entering cooking contests (boys were never allowed to enter sewing contests) as a retaliation from girls not being allowed to enter livestock contests. They got over it after a while, but the ban lasted several years. Personally, I enjoy these kinds of competitions - sports not so much, however. I hope you continue to enter the contests and share your victories with us!


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