Anyone have Pergo XP?

maries1120May 8, 2012

Still working on flooring decision but so far not impressed with Mirage engineered wood for durability. I got some samples of the Pergo XP from HD and found a color that works. I have been testing it and so far it is passing the tests no matter how hard I have tried to harm the samples. I submersed 2 samples under water for an hour with no issues. I hit the sample with a meat mallet. The side with the bigger spikes left little marks. Based on that and good reviews on the HD site I am impressed so far but would love feedback from someone here that has expierence with the Pergo XP.

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We just purchased the XP after several months of reviewing and looking at different brands. The flooring won't be installed until next month. I am really hoping we made the right decision! We chose the highland hickory because of the texture. I wish you the very best if you choose pergo XP.

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We are looking at the Natural Ridge Hickory or maybe the Ashville. I liked it for the texture as well and that the colors work with our cabinets. I looked at another place tonight and still haven't seen anything I like better. And I was impressed with the tests I did on the sample.

We probably won't be ready until late July for the flooring so I hope you will post back. Good to know someone else has done a lot of looking and settled on this.


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Yes, we have the Highland Hickory. I have it in my home office room. I have a chair with plastic wheels on it, and it hasn't made the slightest mark on the floor. My 70 pound Labrador has romped all over it and not a single mark on the floor. We dropped a 10 pound dumbbell on it as a test and it didn't even dent it. The 50 pound one did, but only when we hit it with the sharp edge of the weight. I had a scrap piece that I hit repeatedly with a hammer to tap in the flooring, and you'd never know it to look at that piece. The ONLY thing that made a mark on the floor was when I dropped a drywall saw pointy tip straight down on the floor, and even that was only a slight mark. You wouldn't see it if I didn't point it out to you. We love that room so much that we're going to do our whole house in it. It's awesome!!

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champlette, thank you very much for your post - I am in the same spot as marie1120, trying to fine the right flooring. I have heard great things about XP's durability, but I am not sure about the color (my main concern is that it may be too dark). Do you mind sharing some pictures? Thanks!!

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This is the highland hickory in our dining area. We still need to do trim. Please excuse the poor photo but it might help you seeing it on a larger space.

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Gdeann, thank you so much! This looks great!! I love the texture as well. Did you put any underlayment? We are thinking about doing the whole house, and are very nervous about the whole thing, as we don't even know if our subfloor is leveled (it is now covered with an old carpet, but it squeaks and seem to be uneven in couple spots), and will have to find out how much HD charges for the stairs installation.

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The pergo we purchased had the foam layer on the back so no need for underpayment. The guys sanded some high spots on our floor compared to using leveler. We moved into a 70s ranch a year ago with wall to wall carpeting even in the bathrooms...yuck!! We had this flooring installed in the kitchen/diningroom/ entry way and hallway. Loving it so far! So easy to keep clean compared to all the yuckinesd found under the carpeting. ;-)

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