sears garage door opener /remote wont close

jonbrigOctober 28, 2006

I have an older model sears 1/2 hp opener.

During the cooler months I cannot close the door using my remote. However, if I wait for 2-3 minutes until the lights go out the remote will then work !!. The wall switch works all the time no matter

what the temperature. In summer the remote works all the time. Any ideas ?


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It will help if you explain what the door does when it doesn't close. Doesn't move, moves and stops, moves and reverses and what lights go out.

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How many remotes do you have? Is it just one remote or all of them that won't close it? It sounds like you may have a circuit board problem if the wall button works fine all the time.

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I have a 2-1/2 HP Craftsman garage door opener with door sensors. The door opener used to work fine when I first installed it. Several weeks ago, I bumped one of the sensors with a board and the door opener hasn't worked properly since using either the remotes or the button inside the garage.

The problem is that when I attempt to close the door with the remote or the inside button, the opener bumps ever so slightly and the opener light flashes a few times. The door will close using the inside button by pressing and holding it down until the door closes. The door will open with the remotes and by pressing and releasing the inside button.

I can't recall whether the light on each sensor should burn bright and can't tell if they are burning at all. Surely, I should be able to see the sensor light.

Any thoughts on how to get the door opener to close using the remote and the inside button without having to hold the button down to close the door.

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