Sears Craftsman Garage Door Opener

paul177October 25, 2008

Have a problem with my craftsman 1/2 GDO. Opens just fine, but when I close it, it moves a little and then quickly returns to the up position, then the light blinks five times. I can close the garage door by holding down the button. Not the remote. Any help would be appreciated.

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If the door reverses and the main light flickers 10 times it is a door sensor problem. Nothing else will cause this symptom. Make sure the sensors have not been bumped and are pointed at each other.

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Sensor lights are a steady green and don't flicker. I watched them a couple of times as I pushed the button to close the garage door. No change in the steady green lights, but the door still reverses before it gets to the fully closed position. I also tried it numerous times with the door disconnected from the mechanism, just to see if the opener would travel the full length, but it reversed too. Does this mean the sensors are shot and i need a new opener?

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Sometimes the light on the receiving sensor is flickering so slightly that you can hardly see it. Tweak the sensors just a bit and try. If that doesn't do it you must have a bad sensor.

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Paul77, don't unhook the safety gear and use the door. Especially when there are children around. That door is heavy enough to inflict some serious damage if it closes on someone. Have a Tech check it out . It's worth the money.

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