Oil Smell -- how do I get rid of this?

domesticahOctober 31, 2008

Hi folks, I am new to this forum and I am hoping you all can help with a question I have about the Oil smell in my garage: We removed two above-ground tanks from a location next to the garage (and under our porch) two years ago when we switched to natural gas, but the oil smell still lingers (there were some pipes that ran under the cement floor, and those were not removed). How do I get rid of the smell? Can I wash the concrete floor with something? Help appreciated.

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If the pipes have open ends, cap them off.

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You could also, if you have access to one, use a compressor to blow the air lines out. There very well could still be some oil in the lines which could be where the smell is coming from, capping them off would also be a good idea but I'd try to make sure there is no oil in them first.

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I wouldn't go advertising the fact that you may have some uncapped oil lines buried on your property. Not in this day and age! The EPA might get hold of this info and if the want to be s---heads about it the could make you tear up half your property juat to make sure there isn't any contamination. Big $$$$$! I've seen it happen.

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