Direction to lay wood floor

hags00May 16, 2012

Purchasing a long skinny 1900 sq ft ranch with no flooring. I hope you can picture it from this description but starting from one end is the three bedrooms, the baths and the hall, next comes the front entry with the laundry room behind that and the living room behind that at the rear of the house.

Next comes the kitchen at the front of the house and the dining room behind it at the rear of the house.

Finally the 2 car garage on the front of the house and a family room behind that on the rear of the house.

I am planning to put engineered hardwood everywhere but the kitchen. The living room, dining room family room all run together on the back of the house, there is very little distinction between rooms and it is 42' long total.

Any thoughts on which way to run the hardwood, the long way from side to side in the house or the shorter way from back to front?

I don't think it really matters back in the bedroom area but the two areas I am concerned about are the front entry way and the long 42' rooms. I am the installer and it seems for ease of installation it might be easier to run front to back in the house (all shorter runs.

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Standard procedure dictates you lay the floor going across the joists not with them. Given that statement. You would want to run it the long way. Given your joists are running that way. In only rare exceptions do i ever lay wood running with the joists. The long length you are facing can feel overwhelming but it might have to be done.

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House is on a slab, any thoughts on what might be more asthetically pleasing?

Using engineered wood and going to float it.

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Without seeing the space or a floorplan...hard to say.

"what might be more asthetically pleasing?"...only you can decide that. Lay out some of the flooring each way and the way you want to run the flooring could become obvious.

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Slabs different story. Since you can go either way i would personall go the shorter distance in width. Just my opinion.

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Thanks that is what I was thinking too.

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You can run with the joists if the sub-floor is better than minimum.

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