GDO will open but not close.

rvolleyOctober 26, 2007

I have a 1/2 hp GDO from Sears. Model # 139.53646SRT1. It just started acting up. Two remotes and an opener attached to the wall inside the garage. I can open the door from both remotes and the attached opener but when I try closing it from any of them the door will move an inch or two, stop, and the bulb will flash. To get it to close I have to hold down the button on the attached opener (this will not work using the remotes). I did notice the green indicator light on the back of the Unit, next to the SRT button, will flash 4 times and then it is out for approx. 1min. and then flash 4 times again. This is constant. Can anyone help? And... what are the flash codes on this unit?

Thank you

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The code the unit is flashing is "Door sensors mis-aligned." The symptoms you describe are the same. Each of the door sensors has a small light that must be lit to operate properly. When they are aligned both lights will be on. Tweak them until they are aligned.

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Thanks for the reply Don. I checked the sensors and both green lights are on but I thought I would readjust them anyway. When I move them the lights go out so I put them back to where both lights are lit and tried it again. Same thing. Frustrating! I may have to call the hands on experts in or dismantle it, put it in the driveway, run over it and go to Sears again. Unless you have something else I can try.

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You've done what I would have done. Don't run over that thing there are some good spare parts you can save.

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