keypad question - sears gdo

bronxbillOctober 4, 2010

HELP - Am I to assume that if my keypad on the outside wall of the garage is not even lighting-up. when I pushed the keypad numbers - then it is the flat battery that is no good? I tied replacing with two other ones I had around the house. one battery was inside a unopen package but still not working. All other remotes work ok. I'm pretty sure you have to see the buttons at least light up when pressed. I am about to run out and pick up some new batteries - Though I just run this on the site before running out. (especially the part about the buttons lighting up when pressed). By the way this keypad on the outside of the garage is only a battery operated unit RIGHT? (no internal wires right)?

Thanks much


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You are right about the keypad being battery operated. The keypad should light up when the first button is pressed and then the numbers will flash when enter is pressed. If a new battery doesn't solve your problem and your other remotes work okay then your keypad has failed.

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Thanks don: for the quick reply - I am going to try brand new batteries & hope that's it. If not can you buy just a keypad by itself? at Sears or where?
thank you again.

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Yes you can get just the keypad. Look for the model number on the rear of your keypad and make sure you get one that is the same or compatible. If you can't find that number you can take the model number of the opener itself. It is on the end of the opener closest to the garage door and starts with 139.

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