Anyone have a LATEX mattress?

momfromthenorthOctober 29, 2007

Someone posted this question over in the decorating forum and I'm looking for more feedback/information. (new buyer's fear?) We're quite interested in getting a latex mattress - oh my gosh they feel lovely in the showrooms -but have always had a traditional coil mattress. If you have one...

1. How long have you had it?

2. What brand is it?

3. Have you had any aching back or sore hip problems? (in other words, do you feel like it give you plenty of support?)

4. Have you noticed any sagging or indentations in the mattress?

5. Would you buy one again?

Thanks so much!

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Whats the best mattress site is a good place to start to read current postings and the reviews on mattresses.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whats the best mattress site

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I've had a Sealy Latex Venice Beach for 2 years and I love it. I grew up with latex foam but then when I bought one 20 years ago it was awful ( a Jamieson) so we had a variety of coil spring mattresses until I bought this one. I didn't know whether to get a temperpedic or the sealy and truthfully my back was bothering me so much neither was very comfortable. I feel like I get good support.. again it is only 2 years old. I am actually thinking of getting the new sealy spring latex foam line( even more expensive) eventually and putting this one in the guest room . Again no problems so far.

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I'm a dealer for Royal-Pedic Mattresses, and sell the Latex line for them. We sell 95% all-cotton and only about 5% latex foam and at the end of the day its really what YOU feel comfortable on.

Bedding preference vary by region. East Coasters (where my store is located) generally prefer firm beds, West Coasters like them softer as a rule.

For my taste, the Latex is too soft - yet the straight up all-cotton is a bit too firm. What my wife and I sleep on is the R-P All-Cotton with the 3" Latex pillowtop pad to go atop it all. That's the best of both worlds, the firm support of the All-Cotton mattress (I have the optional 8-way hand-tied box springs as well) and the luxury of the latex foam in the removable topper.

I have four orthopedic surgeons that buy their bedding from me, including the one that is the go-to guy for The Washington Redskins. I have asked all of them which bed is better for support, aches and pains, and the like. To a man, they each said "Buy whatever feels good" coupled with "The aging process is what makes your body hurt, and there is no bedding going to prevent that. Exercise and keep the weight off for aches and pains."

All my orthopedic docs buy the all-cottons - again a matter of their personal preference.

Duane Collie
The Keeping Room

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thanks mama57 and lynn2006

dcollie - so true about personal preferences. One really just needs to take the time to go lay on a gazillion different mattresses to find the right "match".

We ended up with a firm latex mattress from Jamison and it's heavenly. Sheer bliss for both of us. The Sealy SpringFree came in a close second and probably would have been just fine too. (During our hunt, we discovered the Stearns & Foster and Bassett's Carrington Chase latex mattresses are identical to the Sealy SpringFree. Just relabeled.)

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I just bought a Sealy Latex Venice Beach for my 2 year old daughters new nbedroom set, can't wait to try it, cost me $450 for the set. Normally it sells for $1300-1600, but foudn it at a reputable furniture store in Clearance

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I highly recommend for a latex mattress. We ordered one for our daughter and she loved it so much we soon ordered one for our son and ourselves. They have lower prices because they ship the latex to you rolled up separately in large pieces and then you build the bed yourself. The outer mattress cover is very nice quality and you can determine how firm or soft you want your mattress to be, by the density of the individual latex layers you choose. I have tried so many mattresses over the years, including memory foam, and sleep number bed and latex is by far the most comfortable. It really gives great support without leaving you with pressure points. I really notice the difference when we go somewhere and have to sleep on a spring mattress. With a latex mattress you don't notice when your spouse is turning like you do with a spring mattress.

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We are definitely enjoying ours too! I can't believe how fast I go to sleep now and it is always comfortable.

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I highly recommend for their wonderful customer service, their immediate credit for any price reductions that happen during the 90 day trial period, their latex cores exchange policy is unlimited over 90 days to allow adjustments to get a comfortable bed, their wonderful mattress cover, their wonderful slat box that allowed me to have 10 inch legs to make my bed higher and store sliding wheeled storage containers under it, the way they federal expressed headboard brackets to me so they would be here when my new furniture and iron bed arrived, the comfort and support of a latex bed without chemicals, and their use of Talalay Latex that does not bother my allergies.

I love the split cores and my split queen size slat box for ease of moving my bed and for taking it out or in a room to fit through the door.

Here is a link that might be useful: website

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Can anyone address the subject of (dread word!) menopause and night sweats, and if a latex mattress would NOT be good for a menopausal woman like me? Are they hot? We live in So Cal.

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What is "all-cotton"? Is that like a futon?

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I am the OP and we have had our (Jamison) latex mattress going on 6 months now. I can definitely say that it is NOT hot at all. My DH is like a furnace and he loves it. I have also had back problems (slipped disc) and it this bed has been amazingly comfortable. It is heavenly to lay down on it each night.

Unlike latex, the tempurpedic beds are HOT. That material is temperature sensitive and heat from your body is what makes it compress. When we tested them it felt like laying in a bed of sand. Some people really like that feeling of having the foam comform to your body. It wasn't for us. Just don't let a salesperson try to tell you that tempurpedic or memory foam is the same as latex - it's NOT.

Latex comes in different firmnesses. (called ILD's. A 44 ILD is quite firm...a 24 ILD is very soft) Ours can be flipped. It has a very firm core with a softer layer on one side so that if we want softer, all we have to do it flip it. For now with my back issues, we're using the firm side.

Memory foam does not spring back right away when you get up from it whereas latex does.

Latex does not harbor mold or dust mites. The holes in the core make it very breatheable. I did read somewhere that you shouldn't get it wet so we bought a water-proof mattress pad first thing just in case someone spills a glass of water on it, etc.

To anyone considering a mattress of any type, take a book in with you and just lay on them for a good long while. 30 min if you think you've found the one you want to buy. Yes, it's time consuming but you spend 1/3 of your life in bed if you sleep for 8 hrs each night. It's worth taking the time to test them thoroughly before you buy. I did find out in my search that the Sealy SpringFree, Stearns and Foster, and the Basset Carrington Chase latex beds are all identical - they just have a different name and price tag. They are made by the same company.

We ended up switching to latex pillows and between the mattress and the pillows, it's like laying on a cloud. We never wake up stiff or sore anymore.

Hope this helps - Good luck! Sorry this is so long - we're definitely sold on latex mattresses and won't be buying any conventional coil mattresses anymore.

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I hate to be the big negative voice on this thread, but as long as you're goes. We bought a Latex NaturesRest mattress from Sleepys a couple of years ago for a ridiculous amount of money. We had tried every other bed in the store, and decided on the Latex because nothing else worked for both of us. At that point, we were prepared to try anything at any cost. It was a disaster...within a few months there were two big hollows with what we affectionately called The Continental Divide between. My DH is a big guy, but I weigh all of 104 pounds! My body was aching in places I didn't know existed! Sleepy's sent out an inspector, and finally took the mattress away, acknowledging that there had been a "bad batch" of latex.

It sounds as if most of you have had really good experiences, and I wish you all continued sweet dreams. It just goes to show that nothing is ever 100% perfect, and even when one person has an overwhelmingly negative experience it doesn't mean the product is always all bad.

Thanks for the opportunity to vent.

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Just make sure you do not have a Latex allergy. Some people do.

We bought one from Jamison and on a scale of one to ten, we give it an 8+ to a 9.

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We've had our sealy latex mattress for 2 years now. It is incredible. It's honestly my favorite mattress I've ever slept on in my life (including hotels, friend's houses, etc). We're both so in love with it.

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I have had my latex mattress from FloBeds now for 2 years and I have no indentations and it is still just as comfortable. I would never trust anything from Sleepy's from my bad experience with them. I feel bad for the reviewer that had problems with her latex bed bought from Sleey's.

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I bought a SleepEz several months ago and am very happy. Every morning I was waking with a sore back after tossing and turning all night. I'm not cured of that but it is MUCH improved. I would definitely buy again. I have no problem with indentations.

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We bought a Nature's Rest Latex bed for a good bit of cash five years ago. Money well spent. Great bed.

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Hubby and I have had our latex mattress for, I think, 5 years now(maybe 6). LOVE it! Every night we get into bed and hubby comments on how comfortable the mattress is. We went the route of buying the latex pieces (the place we bought for is out of business now) so there is only a mattress pad between us and the latex. It is like sleeping on a cloud. Not hot like memory foam, I can't feel him move during the night. Latex pillows are fabulous too.
By the way, latex mattresses have been around forever. I slept on one as a child (I'm 44) and a friend of mine's mom had one from even further back than that. They last a long time. It is the other padding that that will crush down after a while. If this has happened and your mattress isn't under warranty any longer you can always cut the latex out of it's casing.

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I am very excited to find this post. I had bought a 'foam' mattress in 1990. It was great until about 2006, when it became sort of lumpy. When I started trying to find a similar mattress in 2007, I was told by every place I called that they didn't have those anymore and I'd have to have one custom made. I had bought the original at Sears. Sears didn't carry them, either. I thought about a memory foam mattress but the cost was out of my league and I'd heard they made you hot. With hot flashes and all, I didn't want to chance it. So, is latex just a new name for foam mattresses? I've not slept as well on any matress since we ditched our old foam one. More advice is very much appreciated!

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Sears carries a latex matress in their Naples, FL store. We purchased one for our FL home .

We also purchased a Gold Bond latex matress in NJ from Bograds, Riverdale, NJ.

Do a search for Gold Bond matress and get the name of a dealer in your area.

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Latex is a type of foam.
Other types of foam are Polyurethane and memory foam.

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We purchased a Land and Sky "Rainforest" Dunlop Latex set last summer. We tried it out and purchased it locally, and had decided on the 3 layers with the firm layer on bottom, medium in middle and soft on top because that is what was on display at the store and it felt absolutely wonderful. After sleeping on it since last summer, my husband and I can easily say that we still have back issues and it definitely does not feel anything like what we experienced in the store. It's extremely hard. So, would I purchase it again if I had to do it over? Yes, but I would purchase two soft layers and a firm layer instead. I'm now considering a soft topper.

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We purchased a Simmons Natural Care latex mattress 3 months ago. For the first couple of weeks it was fantastic, then it started to sag. We have just gone back to the store with pictures of our mattress with 1 1/2" + body impressions and are hoping they will exchange for another brand. I must say that my allergies are non-existant at night now, and that was a big problem with our last Sterns and Foster mattress. Each night I would get into bed and within a short time be extremely congested. That has not happened since we switched. We have read wonderful things about latex and will try another, but are not happy with the Simmons. I believe the only other brand at the store we purchased from is Jamison. Anyone have any issues with them?

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Sippimom, the OP, about halfway through this thread tells us she bought a Jamison latex mattress. I started a new thread asking some of these folks who bought latex mattresses in 2008 to tell us how they're liking them now. Reviews here were not great on the Simmons or any of the "brand" companies, so I'm wondering if this isn't maybe a case where it's better to buy online. Many of the online retailers have great ratings from the Better Business Bureau ( I simply want some input from real folks who have been sleeping on these mattresses for a few years. I've visited so many "reviews" online, but most of them are tied to a retailer so I don't entirely trust them.

Also, there seem to be a lot of variables with latex mattresses...Dunlop vs. talalay, for instance. Plus, many posters confuse latex with memory foam and other types of foam.

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I purchased a Rainforest mattress from Land and Sky 3 years ago, and I am writing to warn others against buying products from this company. After less than 3 years use, this expensive mattress has sunken about an inch on both sides where we sleep and is now very uncomfortable. This model is built using 3 layers of latex which are assembled by the buyer, so I disassembled the bed to discover the top two layers of latex are compressed. In spite of having a 20-year warranty, I have spent the past 5 months trying to get those replaced, and have only gotten the run-around with one excuse after another! I have made over a dozen contacts to the rep that sold me the mattress, Jeanie Kensington, who has lied multiple times telling me it would ship in a certain time frame, but then I never hear from her again and receive no shipment nor proof of shipment as promised. Her excuses have included "the warehouse is closed the entire week of Memorial Day" and "the warehouse is closed the whole week of July 4th" and "the warehouse is closing at noon each day because of the heat". Really? Your company is closed the entire week of every minor holiday, and you don't have air conditioning? Sorry, I have to call BS on this one! The latest lies include "we're out of queen latex and getting a shipment this week" and "we're cutting your layers out of a shipment and I can guarantee it will go out by Friday." Of course, Friday came and went and I still have no proof of shipment. At one point, she even asked me to disassemble the bed and turn the latex layers over to see if it fixed the problem, which is ridiculous. Clearly, she has come up with every reason she can think of to avoid or delay replacing the layers. I am so incredibly disappointed in this product, and the customer service is beyond terrible, it is unethical. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! At this point I have filed a complaint with the BBB (along with 14 others in the past 3 years!) and the Nebraska Attorney General Consumer Protection Division. A law suit is my next step if this doesn't resolve the problem.

Further, after my experience with the inferior latex and after researching the company online, I now question whether the "100% natural, chemical-free latex" I bought is even natural. I have found several claims that the company is selling cheap imported latex instead of natural latex. Check out this claim of product misrepresentation by Land and Sky...

Here is their BBB complaint record...

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We have had ours for maybe 8-9 years now.

All natural latex.

DH who is a larger man, and myself who is pretty small both think it is very comfortable. It is not "hot" for the women out there.....

And I can manage to flip it (King Size) by myself.

Ours came from a local company --Hawn Bedding. They are in the Kansas City area. They make their own mattresses. They have a website. Not sure how far away they ship.

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Another vote for Flobeds. We've had ours for several years and my back pain is gone. I did have a try a few combinations, but we found what worked for us!

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Not sure how much research you all have done, but I find this to be the most informative information out there on the web:

After you finish reading the post, you can go to this site, to find out what mattresses are out there with the real latex. The manufacturer has a list of actual beds that feature the genuine latex.

I am currently still trying to find that perfect mattress, tonight I spent an hour on a plush top, only to get in my car and have a terrible backache.
I pretty much knew the plush would be too soft, but I just had to try it anyway. It felt so good on the bed in the showroom!
I have taken a good bit of time to learn all about latex, and I have gotten to know so many people in the actual production part of the latex.(and even the coil production people as well, in case I decide on a spring/latex set)

To find a genuine latex mattress (not a blended mix) look on the actual foam (when possible) there will be a tag on the side end of the foam (like at the head or foot of the bed) that either has a ILD rating and a series of numbers from 1 to 5.
If the tag starts like this ILD1 or ILD2 etc.. it is a blend.
If the tag starts out with the letter N then a series of numbers, it is "natural"
Be aware, there are tons of scams out there and you may find that they tell you what you are buying is 100% latex when it fact you are getting a blend.
Not that the blends are bad, just make sure you are not paying what you would pay for a 100% latex mattress.

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I just purchased a Latex mattress and I think it is the most comfortable mattress I have owed. I did have some lower back pain which seems greatly reduced. I also think I feel that I am sleeping more soundly less tossing and turning.

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ILD refers to indentation load deflection, this is how firm or soft the foam is. I dont know if any US companies that are manufacturing a 100% latex foam, but if they do it will state 100% latex, and will be imported.

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My wife and I bought a king size Essentia mattress a couple of years ago, I think that they are only in Canada (not sure though).

We like this mattress quite a bit, although the bedding has been a problem getting the right sized sheets to fit (the mattress is 8" deep).
When the bedding is just put on (after washing) the sheets seems to loosen up, then we wake up with deep creases in our skin from the extra material from the sheets.

Get the right bedding, and the mattress would be a great buy, although exspensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Essentia's website

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About a year I had to find a new mattress and as someone who researches everything obsessively online I was going crazy trying to find something that a significant number of people didn't hate within a year.
Except for simple latex. Not the major brands that add a bit of latex - they had the same issues it seemed. Just a big hunk of well-made latex foam.
I was finally able to try one out and fell in love. I sprung for the King Beautiful with 3in soft topper.

Wow. Still, a year later, getting into bed is something I look forward to. It's by far the best bed I have ever slept on. NO pain in the mornings. I sleep on my back or sides.

No issues with indentations from daily use by two over-200lb men.

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Have also owned a latex mattress for the last few years, an all natural one, has been one of the best purchases I have made so far.

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I usually sleep on a Tempurpedic but we do have a Latex mattress in a vacation home and I have to say you get a great nights sleep on it. No tossing or turning. I am not certain which I like better.

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Our Sealy Latex mattress built up and produced so much static electricity that an electrician confirmed it was making its own electrical current. If you buy a latex mattress, DO NOT use it with an iron bed and put the bed on carpet, and also be sure your house is grounded up-to-current codes, especially in rural areas. It should not be up against a wall with electrical circuits either. You take the risk of being a target in a lightning storm, and it may be deadly. I was electrocuted twice one night in a storm, but I lived to let others know that this can easily happen to you. The manufacturer did not care and said there is a warning on the label about static electricity!

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hummerbirdtx that is a really interesting thing to know. I would have never realized that. I have a Latex mattress with an iron bed on a carpet in our vacation home and I think I won't sleep on it during lightning storms.

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It might be worthwhile to call the maker of the mattress regarding the conductivity of the mattress just to see what they would say and to see if any other precautions are needed.

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Latex doesn't produce static electricity. It has to be the fabric or something else in your Sealy that caused the issue. Think about rubber boots, these are made with natural rubber, it's actually the safest thing to have on you if your in the middle of a thunderstorm.

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Latex offers superior pressure relief, eliminating pressure points and decreasing tossing and turning for a deeper, more restorative sleep. It�s ventilated, and tends to sleep cooler than many other foam beds.

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Buying a mattress is a hazardous experience these days. In the past I could say that I preferred latex mattresses over coil spring mattresses.

Now, however, you have memory foams and gel foams and combinations of all the different types of foams and innersprings.

You also have manufacturers who have seen the great success of the expensive new foams and have begun to make cheaper versions which will undoubtedly not be as comfortable as the originals.

Many years ago I was a mattress buyer for a large furniture retail chain so I have a much better knowledge of mattress construction than the typical consumer but if your primary interest is to find a mattress that will be comfortable for many years my best advice is to stick to premium lines of the well-known name brands.

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My husband and I purchased an all talalay latex mattress. We are not small people. I'm 5'7" 220 & he's 6'1" 340. Our old mattress began to sag after only 4 months. It was pocketed coils topped with polyeurathane foam and a little bit of latex foam. I was so frustrated. Finally after months of research decided to buy a talalay latex mattress. We had Oklahoma mattress make ours. It's wonderful. The one we purchased has 10" of glued/laminated layers. 2" soft talalay top, 2" medium talalay middle, & 6" firm talalay bottom. This combination provides a medium-firm feel. It has a zippered bamboo cover. NO fillers. THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE IN THE FEEL OF STACKED LAYERS Vs GLUED/LAMINATED LAYERS. Some companies offer "exchangeable" layers, unzip their cover and replace the layers if the firmness needs to be adjusted. Great idea but unglued layers definitely has a different feel. To me it was a much softer feel. The same 2soft/2med/6firm stacked layers without glue was a much softer feel meaning it had a medium-soft feel. Most companies have latex over polyeurathane foam which is a cheaper method and not as durable. Also many companies are wrapping the latex in wool and quilting. For me, I didn't want all that extra filling between me and the latex; I wanted to feel the latex. So far our talalay mattress is awesome.

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mimi_123 -- An all talalay latex mattress should be extremely comfortable but is also extremely expensive if it is properly made and of the proper thickness. There are other mattresses out there which should also be comfortable at considerably less cost.

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Consumer Reports August issue rates mattresses. They said to always haggle on the price, which we did 2 years ago when we bought ours.
Latex was not rated by consumer reports but we LOVE ours. It is not hot and all my aches and pains from sleeping on our old mattress went away. We also bought a topper that makes it even softer and we can take off if we feel the need. Ours is quite heavy but it feels so good. We got ours from Pure Latex Bliss.

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I just read the post from luxuryseeker about static electricity and Latex foam good to know.

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I used Latex mattresses for around 2 years and my purchased it from some online mattress store. We got free shipping services too. It was good stuffed mattresses and were comfortable to sleep. You must try online too.

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I love latex mattress as I bought it 2 months ago directly from Store in Ocala. My wife has some back pain problem so we are very strict towards the quality of mattress. We are enjoying the latex mattress.


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Hi blue -

My husband and I just purchased a latex PureBliss natural Pamper in King size and a 2-inch topper. So far so good. I will say first we put the topper under the mattress protector and it felt much different than in the store. Today, I put the topper on top of the protector under the fitted sheet and it seems better. Also, I read on another site that this company has someone that staffs the Technical Support Department. So when you call, you get answers, or a call back. I haven't called them, but I did send them an email and they answered the same day. I had heard good information regarding latex mattresses.
I tried 3 all dunlop latex mattresses and did not care for them. I liked the feel and support much better of talalay latex.

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I realize this is an older thread, but it seemed to be full of honest opinions, and I could use some helpful info from owners of latex mattresses. We just ordered a Natural 100% Talalay Latex Bliss "Beautiful" mattress. (I have since learned the term "natural" is used loosely in the latex mattress business) When it arrived, it was a newer model (which we did not order), with something called "active fusion". We slept on it 3 nights so far, and after falling asleep for 1/2 an hour, maybe longer, I wake to find that I have sunk into it, very much like memory foam, which I really dislike. I was told that latex was very bouyant and that you don't leave an impression in it like memory foam. I was wondering if after laying on latex for an extended time, you are supposed to sink and leave an impression. It doesn't stay indented as long as a memory foam, but still does not instantly bounce back either. I'm suspicious that this "active fusion" stuff may be the culprit, but the rep for the company says it shouldn't make a difference in the feel, just the coolness. I don't know if I should bother making them get me the original (last years's model) mattress without the active fusion, or just go back to a spring mattress if all latex mattresses cause sinking impressions during sleep. I'm just confused now. Any advice out there?

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I know latex mattress are the suggested mattress of today in many stores but i still prefer the Tempurpedic Mattress. I find with this type of mattres you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake without aches and pains. I also never feel that the mattress sleeps hot as suggested by others.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

The best mattress I ever had was an all natural latex. I purchased it in the early 1970s and it lasted for 30 years, when it started deteriorating. When shopping for a replacement, I wanted latex again and was told that latex mattresses were no longer being produced. Like a ninny I believed what I was told and bought a Stearns and Foster coil spring mattress and box springs. I have not had a truly good nights sleep since and wake up with pressure point pains. I spent so much money of the new mattress, and just recently learned that I was lied to and that pure latex mattresses are still produced, that I cannot let myself go for the latex for a while. But believe me, I will get one in the fairly near future.

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I have a latex mattress. First let me say that I have bad reflux so I have to sleep in some unusual positions. I'm also getting older and I don't have as much padding on my hips, etc. Before all this I always slept on a hard mattress. I could not stand a soft mattress....made my back hurt. Well, I needed a new mattress and did a lot of research. I ended up buying from a company on-line who had lots of good reviews and I believe an excellent BBB rating. The customer service was great. They also gave a 365 day trial period. Plus free pillows and mattress cover. You could return it if you didn't like it. Just pay shipping back. You can't beat that.

When I first tried it, it was wonderful. I don't think I even moved all night long. It is easy to get in and out of bed. You do not sink down into the mattress. You sleep on top of the mattress. It was perfect for me. Then I developed the medical issues with reflux. I had surgery and slept for the good part of a year sitting up on the couch. When I went back to the bed, I would start out alright but then my hips would hurt. I think it is because I have to elevate the head of the bed and then I sleep on my side and it puts pressure on my hips. I don't think the mattress has anything to do with it. I wish I had known this before my 365 day trial period was up.

The mattress does not have that terrible smell that Tempur-pedic mattresses has. You do not sleep hot. It is great for adjustable beds. It is great for people who have allergies or asthma. I can't think of any negatives that can be attributed to the mattress. Well, it is heavy.

I am going to sell it and get a soft mattress, though. But that is because of my hips hurting from me having to have the head of the bed elevated and I sleep on my side with it elevated. Not a very natural position. I guess the negative was that is was pricey, but it seems all the latex mattresses are pricey. And it is heavy.

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We have an all talalay latex mattress. We bought the layers online -- two 32 ILD, one 24 and one 14. It is actually probably thicker than it needs to be but it is so comfortable. My hips used to hurt all the time but once we got the latex mattress, all that stopped. I love the feeling of the bed and it still delights me. We bought the individual foam slabs and the cover (plus one very thin layer of 10 ILD for a topper, under the cover) from a place called Mark's Memory Foam -- I'm not even sure he is in business anymore. He specialized in memory foam but also sold Talalay latex. There was a whole forum about choosing mattresses and I learned about latex and how/where to buy on that board. The pieces came wrapped individually in tight balls. They popped open when the wrapper was removed and after a short time were ready to be assembled -- layered on top of the bottom of the cover, and then zipped up. I will say that this is one ugly mattress -- the layers tend to shift a little. But once the bed is made it looks fine. I am small and thin and could not believe what a difference it made to my entire existence to have a softer bed.

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