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luis_prOctober 31, 2008

I am a newbie to garage doors and know almost nothing of house maintenance. When I bought the house, I received two hand-held units, each with two buttons. One button opens the garage door. The other button opens the outside gate. The gate mechanism is not connected to the garage mechanism and both are different brands.

I recently lost one of the two hand held units that open the garage door and gate. I may have thrown it out with the trash. I may have left the unit on top of the car and driven off. Either is a security risk. I have visions of someone finding the unit and driving around clicking until they locate the house where the unit works.

Is it possibole to reset all three items so the lost unit does not work anymore? So the remaining hand held will work like it does now and open the GD and the gate? Can I replace the lost unit with a new one and make it work? Or do I need to buy two new ones? The garage door, the gate and the two-button units would need to work on a new "password".

I am a total klutz. My BP probably skyrockets when I touch a hammer so I probably would need to someone to do this for me but, can it be done?


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Sounds like your best bet would be to get the manufacturers name off the door opener and then look in the yellow pages for someone that services that make. They should be able to handle all your problems and questions.

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