Craftsman Garage door logic boards

4lmhOctober 5, 2011

I have two craftsman 139.53606 model garage door openers which I have been able to keep going over the years with replacement parts. Several years ago I replaced the logic board in one opener. The original logic board was 41A3066 (no green button) and I replaced it with a 41A4207-6c (green button). The logic board on the second opener has now gone bad and I need to replace it. Sears doesn't carry the 41A3606 board or the 41A4207-6c board. I'm trying to confirm that the 41A4207-6E board is compatible with my opener. I appreciate actual knowledge rather than guessing and I'm not interested in changing opener to newer version. Thanks for help

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When your openers were first sold safety sensors in the door were an option. Were they purchased at that time or did you have to add them when you installed the 41A4207-6c board?

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My opener only has safety sensor that causes door to reverse when door hits something in its path. This sensor was built into the opener when I purchased it new. Both openers were purchased at the same time. I have no LED sensors mounted on the frame or any other type of safety sensors. The lack of the additional safety sensors was the reason I replaced the logic board in the one opener and the worm and drive gears about three times in both openers rather than purchase new openers. I don't want all the additional crap. Other than an occasional drive gear shredded because of ice at the base of the door, the old units last forever. This is only the second logic board in 22-23 years.

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The last letter in the part number for the logic board is the designation for an engineering change. If the -6c worked the -6e will.

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Excellent, thank you much for your help. I have reviewed your other responses to people with opener issues and you appear to have extensive knowledge. Thank you again.

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