Garage door problems ... please help

andyv_txSeptember 14, 2008

Before posting, I went through several posts, used the search feature, but could not find a solution to my problem. Here goes ...

1. I had problems with my previous opener (Craftsman 0.5HP, chain drive ~ 7 years old). The problem started out with the GDO opening the garage door, but not closing it (will reverse back). Finally the unit quit responding.

2. Bought new Chamberlain 0.75HP belt drive. Installed the new unit and the sensors that came with it. Aligned the sensors (both Green and Amber are steady - NO blinking). Went through the travel adjustments fine. Tried the force adjustment, but I am having problems.

3. For no reason, the GDO would start reversing, (sometimes quarter way down, sometimes half way down) back to open. The only way to close it is to hold the button down on the wall unit. I can hear the garage door struggling to go down, but it does eventually. Whenever, it reverses, the light blinks 10 times. I know this indicates a sensor issue, but the sensors are (or appear to be) fine - they are both on and are not blinking.

4. I can lift the garage door by hand mid way (after unlocking the trolley) or waist high. The door stays there (does not move down or up), till I push it up or down. This was one of the checks mentioned in the Chamberlain manual (to do before installing the GDO).

5. The garage door is steel sectional, with a single torsion spring. I have not lubed the tracks/rollers/spring in the last 2.5 years. I put some motor oil on the spring (bad idea? found this on another website). I am planning to clean out the tracks (accumulated grease or what looks like grease) and rollers and apply recommended lubricant (from home depot). Anything else I should be trying? Or any other troubleshooting tips?

The door is about 8 years old. It appears that is the average life of the torsion spring. Should I have the spring replaced anyway?

Your feedback is most appreciated. Many thanks,


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There is no need to replace the spring as your door is balanced and this is a good check of spring condition. Something is wrong with your sensors. That is the only thing that will cause the main light to flash 10 times. Make sure the brackets at the door are solid and can't move as the door travels. The blinking of the lights on the sensors is so slight that you may have to get on your knees to see it. The wiring may have a break in it. Try moving it as the door closes. This will be difficult. If you can do a continuity check it would be better. If everything checks out it may be the logic board but I really doubt it.

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Don, Thanks very much. That did it. Indeed the blinking was so slight that, that I was missing it unless I got close enough. Tightened up the wingnuts holding the sensor to the bracket (there was some play on one) and it is working now.

One more question: When would be a good time to have the torsion spring checked/replaced? Just concerned from the safety aspect of it, given the age ... this spring has been in operation for 8 years.

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If the spring gets week enough the door may begin stopping on the way up. Otherwise I would wait until it broke. It is fully contained and cannot fly when it breaks.

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I would like to know if i can get some help here.
my Garage door wont open at all only the lights comes on, does this mean that it needs to be replaced??

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Do you hear any noise. I'm thinking the drive gear may be bad but you would at least hear the motor run. It's hard to recommend replacement. We don't know the age or manufacturer.

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