Heavenly bed mattress.....

momto1September 11, 2005

Have any of you ordered one of these mattresses? We loved sleeping on one but I'm wondering how easy and quick the ordering process is? Seems like, if I remember correctly, it can take quite a while...

Thanks for any info.

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Is this one of those that's featured by a hotel? I've been reading that one reason why they feel so great is that hotels replace their mattresses quite often. At home, the foam, etc., can break down rather quickly.

Anyway, you can get your question answered at the forum linked below if you like.

whose new mattress arrived today, and who is going to bed very shortly with her fingers crossed

Here is a link that might be useful: mattress forum

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Yes.. I have slept on it and purchased it..

Takes approximately 12 days all together..

This is the place where i bought it from. I bought latex.. Feels like hotel like bed www.1heavenlysleep.com

I have attached a link where you can see and get your bed. It's lovely :).. Enjoy

Here is a link that might be useful: 1HeavenlySleep

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I ordered a Westin Heavenly bed and I did not like this mattress. For the first couple of weeks, it felt comfortable, but then I started to experience lower back pain every time I woke up. The pain would disappear as soon as I got out of bed. I ended up getting rid of the mattress.

With a pillowtop mattress such as the Heavenly Bed, you have to remember that foams may compress and form body impressions. This mattress is the Simmons Beautyrest Classic...it is NOT a top-of-the-line Simmons mattress. Remember that hotels can replace worn down mattresses, and what may feel comfortable in a hotel for a few nights may not feel comfortable in the long run at home.

But you may love this mattress. Everyone is different when it comes to what mattress best suits them.

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