Cost of drywalling a garage?

rowhardSeptember 18, 2008

I just got a estimate of $4000.00 to drywall my 20'x20' garage. This includes demo of existing large wood shelves, drywall, plaster, paint, installing new ceiling joints, hauling, labor, material. About one week of work with a crew. Does not include cabinets.


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sounds about right, what about insulating?

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So cleanup, 25 sheets of 4x10, three coats and painting takes a week for a crew. On the new homes I build, that would take a day altogether. Now this is retail. But I'd still get some other quotes. This is not a big job.

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We recently paid $1,100 for taping and texturing a 34' x 34' x 10' workshop/garage with 4 rooms. We hung the sheetrock ourselves.

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I am remodeling my garage.It has been completly gutted.I was told by a person in the lumber yard ,that I needed to use R-19 for the ceiling. A couple of professionals that I know ,told me to use either R-30 or R-38 . Who is right? The ceiling in the garage isa also the floor of my bedroom.

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It could work with R-19 and that might be all the room you have depending on how the garage ceiling/bedroom floor was dropped. Make sure you have HVAC run in, and electrical there before going further. The dropped and insulated ceiling needs to have proper vapor barrier. If you can fit R-30+ that would be better.

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Dependso where you live. You'd need a higher R value in Minneapolis than Miami. Here (Phila) it's R38 ceilings, R19 walls,

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I would suggest 1 or 2 more estimates. Although it's 20 x 20, one wall must be mostly doors. 8' or 10' ceiling?? Any Extra insulation is a PLUS, both as a sound and weather barrier. I live in MASS. and that estimate would be HIGH

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It's not the R factor. It's the tightness that counts. And the absolutely only way to get satisfactory results is by spray foaming, closed or open cell. If you're in a cold climate, go to at least R20, then cover with a minimum 1/2" drywall with at least one coat of mud. The thermal requirement will likely be the same as for the walls, not your home's roof. The Code requirement where I am in a cold zone is roofs R40, walls R20.

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In my town ,Arundel,ME, code is for 2 layers of 5/8 firestop sheetrock with the seams offset on any garage ceiling under a living space and 1 layer of 5/8 sheetrock on the walls. Better check with your Code Officer so you don't get skunked by a ripoff contractor. Read up on drywall hanging online , get some buddies togeather, hire a sheetrock lift and screwguns and give it a shot. It's not hard once youget the hang of it. Good luck, Mainah.

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