Pick my garage doors design (pictures attached)

jennysjettaSeptember 19, 2007

We'll be getting new Amarr garage doors to replace our inefficient, broken wood doors. We settled on the Classica 3000 series which seems like a very good carriage style door.

For one 8x7 door with an MVP Allstar opener, remote, and keypad it will cost $1875 each installed. The doors are 25/27 gauge steel with a polyurathane core (R=13.35). Lifetime warranty on door, hardware, and paint. Seems like a decent price based on two estimates-- any thoughts?

Our house is a 1950's brick ranch. Which model do you think looks best? These doors are the focal point of our back yard/patio area.

Thanks! (I'm a photoshop newbie :-)






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I am in the same decision mode. I was leaning toward the Heritage but the Classica carriage style really caught my eye. I just don't know if it will look right on my contemporary ranch house. The white you photoshoped makes it a hard decision b/c I don't think white is your best color. I would consider the sandtone. The carriage will come in both colors. Re-do the color and then photoshop again. It could change my opinion. BAsed on this I would go 4, 2, 3 and 1. I don't think #1 would work on your ranch no matter what color it was to be honest. Good luck.

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#2. Definitely. The curve on #1 doesn't go with the house. #3 looks a little too busy. 4 & 5 just don't do it for me.

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We like #2 as well. I'm glad we took the time to make these pictures as it shows just how wrong choices #1 and #3 would be. They're beautiful doors but don't have the right angles to match this ranch house.

#4 is kind of a plain garage door. If it wasn't the main focal point in our backyard we might consider this one. It's about $400 cheaper per door. But I'm really excited about the look of #2.

Putting up some nice lighting will be next. Thanks!

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#4 would be my choice because the horizontal lines match the brick of the house. With your other choices you are using vertical lines against the horizontal lines of the bricks. That goes against my sense of balance. great pictures

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#2. Closest match to the windows above. Definitely not #1 with the curve. #3 is a second alternative, but looks more country cottage.

The problem you have is that your house (I hate to say it) is not architecturally distinct, so achieving something with the garage doors is going to be a challenge.

I would also consider a color other than white.

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Number Two is good, but the price seems high. We just paid $2865 for three mid-grade C.H.I. insulated doors, with Liftmaster openers on two- that's everything installed, taxes included.

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I also liked #4, because of the lines running the same way as your brick. I love the way you photo-shoped your choices. I'd like to do that when I pick out a new garage door (soon).

CESCASQ, Loved the link for the French garage doors! What will they think of next?

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I would go as close to the ones that are there as you can. I think they suit the house best and I would try for a color as close to the cement color as I could get. I tend to want to play down the garage doors as much as possible. Our house is the same vintage and it's not easy.

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I like No. 2 very much; I notice a lot of folks chose No. 4; it may suit the style of your windows, but No. 2 does more for the house. All I read says the doors should make a statement...not tone it down as someone said.

We just got an estimate on two Classica 3000 for $4,500; they are 8 x 9 foot doors, but just the doors and not the openers...so your price sounds good. They are guaranteed for life we were told, all the mechanisms, etc. guaranteed...and sometimes garage door springs and parts can be very expensive plus the labor.

How did you get these doors overlayed onto your house photo?

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call me old fashioned but I like the blue ones!

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Like number 1

Here is a link that might be useful: Dynamic Garage Door Services Phoenix

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