Issue with Craftsman Garage Door Opener

gregin_azSeptember 22, 2009

Okay, I'm having an issue with my Sears Craftsman garage door opener. Not exactly sure of the model number, but can dig it up if that's necessary.


1) Door opens fine from either wall button or remote(s)

2) Door closes fine from remotes

3) Press and release the wall button, it starts down, and then stops and backs up like something is blocking the sensors. Sensor lights are green.

4) Press and HOLD the wall button and the door will close completely.

5) Close the door from any remote control (car, outside keypad) and it closes fine EVERY time.

6) Problem seems confined to the wall button.

7) Unconfirmed, but it looks to be an issue only at night. In other words, if there is sunlight spilling in the open door, the wall switch works fine.

8) Have cleaned the lenses on the sensors and, again, they are always GREEN, even when it's malfunctioning.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds like a bad wall control. You can check this by removing the wall control and momentarily shorting the two wires together. There isn't enough voltage there to bother you.

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i had the same problem but everything checked out. for me it is sunlight interfering with the sensors. had to make a little shield out of cardboard to block sunlight on them

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I am having a problem with my garage door closing. I have to hold down the wall switch until it goes all the way down. If I let go of the switch before it goes all the way down, it go back up. I can't use the remote from the car because it goes down then go right back up. One of the sensors is green and the other side is yellow. The yellow side does not blink or turn off when something is placed in front of it, although the green side does. What is this symptom?

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If the main light flashes 10 times when the door reverses it is a sensor problem. The color of the lights doesn't matter but you need to tweak them just a bit to make sure they are pointed directly at one another. It isn't real critical but sometimes they can be off just enough to cause the problem you are having. Both lights need to be on and not flickering at all.

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i got a hp 1/2 craftsman garage opener and my problem is that it goes up with the remote fine but it won't come dowm i have to go into the garage and hold the button. how can i fix it

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Make sure the door sensors haven't been bumped and are pointing at one another. There is a small light on each one and it should be lit if they are pointed correctly. Some tweaking may be necessary. If both lights won't come on then you have a bad sensor or the wiring to them.

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