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francisquestFebruary 13, 2013

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said this evening he would be asking Irish manufacturers of processed meat products to carry out DNA testing and to work with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) in developing testing protocols for this purpose.

The Minister said the move was a âÂÂnecessary step in order to provide further reassurance to Irish consumers and consumers of Irish food abroadâÂÂ.

The announcement comes shortly after Tesco revealed that its frozen Everyday Value Spaghetti Bolognese contained horse DNA of more than 60 per cent in some samples.

The product was supposed to only contain Irish beef. Tesco withdrew it from sale as a precaution last week because it was made in the French Comigel factory which had produced Findus beef lasagne which was found to contain up to 100 per cent horsemeat.

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Buy local

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I agree, I know what's in MY beef!

Not to say that horsemeat is harmful in any way, it's not, but I'm a firm believer in truthful labeling, I get to choose what I eat.


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Actually, there are some real problems with horsemeat that one usually doesn't encounter in herds raised solely for meat. Many of the steeds that end up at the knackers live very active, but probably unsuccessful lives, often on the race track. There, they likely ingested all kinds of PEPs - Performance Enhancing Products. Those are definitely not good to be in the human food chain. Most countries that have a horse slaughter industry insist on thorough testing to ensure the meat is "clean", but these European "beef" products were apparently sourced from a variety of countries who have very lax standards for slaughter, not to mention labeling.

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And so we're back to labeling, which is my issue in the first place. I've eaten horse meat, many people in Michigan did in the 70s when the Velsicol Chemical Corporation mixed fire retardant with livestock feed. As a result, a million and a half chickens, about 30,000 cattle, several thousand pigs and sheep were poisoned, slaughtered and just pushed off into landfills. No one knows how much of the meat made it into the food supply. There was a movie, "Bitter Harvest" and a book, "The Poisoning of Michigan". A huge percentage of people in Michigan still test positive for that substance and it causes ongoing health issues such as hypothyroid, immune system malfunctions, skin and liver problems, reproductive issues, who knows what else.

Anyway, a lot of us ate horsemeat. That's what was available. I remember a guy came around to the farm and offered Dad 8 cents a pound for the cattle. Dad told him to get the he!! off the property, we'd eat every bite of them ourselves for that price.


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