Grubs in Garage

YosaleSeptember 30, 2012

Attached is video of a grub crawling on my garage floor. For a few weeks now I have at least 50 of them crawling in my garage. Every day I clean them off the garage floor and they start coming back within the hour. Every day at least 40 - 50. Anybody know what they are? How do they come about? and how to get rid of them. This has been going on for several weeks. I had an exterminator come out several times and spraying the inside and outside of the garage, but to no avail. This is a two car garage inside my house.


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What's the exterminators explanation? Has he identified the grubs because it would probably be helpful for you to know what kind of grubs they are. Some searching on the Internet may turn up something or you can contact your local university extension service.

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I need closure in threads like this!!

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