Unique garage door problem-ideas please!

floodplainwoesSeptember 4, 2009

I live in beautiful Montana where we built a house in 1980. A few years later, the area where we built the house was designated a flood plain. We just acquired a permit to build a garage onto our house, but one of the stipulations was that we could not put a garage door on. We now have a very nice garage that is open to the elements and critters. We have been trying to come up with ideas to secure the garage. We've thought about a chain-link type of door, but our local garage door companies don't know about any such thing. We've thought about scissor gates. These wouldn't keep the elements out, but would protect our valuables from the 2 legged critters. We've been told absolutely no garage door and this will be inspected. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I have to ask why you can't have a garage door? Is it somehow related to the flood plain or is this some kind of aesthetic concern?

Certainly there are "open" or security gate type options although I suspect they will be considerably more expensive than a traditional steel garage door. I had a friend who had a security door for is shop and there are those roll-down or sliding security gates frequently used in stores. I'd look for an ornamental iron work company or commercial overhead door company.

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It is definately related to the flood plain. The planner let us build the garage in the lee of the house (east side), so it wouldn't affect the flow of water in case of flood. The opening is at the far east end. It doesn't make sense to me, but...I found the sliding gates, but with our snow here, it wouldn't be good. We would have to shovel snow out of the way before sliding and we get a lot of drifting. I have two of the local garage door places checking to see what is available, but they don't seem very excited about it. I suspect we will have to use a pair of scissor gates. Thanks for the input.

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do you have a shopping mall near you? what about the doors the individual shops use when the stores close but the mall remains open. They are metal, roll up like a garage door, but the lattice-work (out of lack of anything else to call it) openings are not very large.

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