Old Manual Garage Door Lock

chuehSeptember 12, 2009

I found the lock missing right after the tenant moved out. I tried searching online to see if I could find the exact parts, yet I have not had luck.

This house was built in 1995, which is not too old. It uses manual lock for the garage door. From the street, you see the cylinder key hole thing. Not far from and above it is the slender latch. From outside, you have to insert the key and turn, which unlocks the latch. Then, you have to turn the latch that controls the long horizontal bars on both sides inside the garage door. When it's locked, the two bars extend through holes of metal on both sides where the door contacts. When the latch is turned, the spring mechanism makes the two bars go towards the center and overlap each other. The bars are out of the holes, so the door can be opened.

From inside, the box that's directly the opposite of the cylinder key hole from outside houses the mechanism connecting to the latch. Once the key is turned from outside, you can see the mechanism in the box pushing upwards to unlock the latch. Thus, the box and the latch have to be working together in order to have the door lock to work. However, I don't see any stores online selling the box with the mechanism that pushes upward to unlock the latch. It's been 2 years, and I don't really remember what every part look like. Whatever I describe is from my memory. I could be wrong.....

Can anyone help me please? thanks

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Some pictures I took for the lock

from Outside:

from inside:
The bottom part (the box) is missing. The thing that sticks out has to connect to some kind of spring or mechanism that triggers the latch on the top.

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Googleing the manufacturer, Clopay, I got their website which includes a look-up feature for dealers. Give that a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: CLOPAYDOOR.COM

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