Any options besides quarter round? help!

issalambertMay 14, 2012

Building a new house; trim was put up before my prefinished hardwood flooring. Flooring fits nicely underneath..snugly in places but a few places have some gaps showing. I don't particularly care for quarter round.....please I need advice or options? Greg? are you there?

Thank you guys!!!!!

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Hi yes im here. Lol. More problems eh? Well so you have some gaps huh? I had a feeling this was going to happen. Everything you explained to me about the GC this doesnt suprise me. How big are the gaps? Any way you can take a photo of the worst looking area? There are a few issues one reason you are showing gaps is the guy who installed the base didnt wait to put the base back on after the floor was in. If he had waited he could have shaped and bent the base to fit tight against the floor. And the other issue could be the floor may not ve completely flat. Without seeing a picture i cant say that for sure. Right now im going with the first cause.

If you absolutely do not want base shoe. You
Need to muster up the strength and demand that they adjust the base. Thats the first start. Now given your previous issues with him it may not go smooth but explain to him your disgust with the quarterround look.

Now after they adjust the base and if you still have gaps bigger than 1/8th of an inch. That probably means the subfloor is not flat and in that case you need to decide if you can live with the gaps or go install the base shoe.

Good luck!

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Shoot im thinking of something else now. Is the gaps your seeing gaps vertically or horizontal? Meaning does some of the wood not fully fit underneath the base or does the base not sit snug against the wood???

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Issalambert. You can reach me at my email at I check that a lot more than this forum and will be able to address your issue more quickly.

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Dang Lol thats the right one. New address keep forgetting it.

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