Sears Garage Opener 139.53716

lukshenSeptember 4, 2007

I am trying to replace my Sears Model #139.53716 button that is attached to the keypad outside the garage. When I removed the old button I marked the wires, at least I thought I did. Now I cannot connect the wires, no matter how I change them! Please help! There are 4 wires and 3 screws to attatch to. The door works with the car remotes and the other button.

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I'm not quite following your problem. Is the button part of the keypad or something someone has added next to it? Are you replacing it because it quit working?

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I looked up your model number on the Sears web site and find this came with 2 strand bell wire rather than 3 strand. Do the wires go from the keypad to the switch? Have you replaced the 9 volt battery? You say you are trying to replace it. Have you purchased a new one? Sorry for all the questions but this is an old unit and I am trying my best to bring back some foggy memories.

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Don, thanks for the responses, sorry its taken so long to get back to you. The 2 wires, split into 4 go from the garage door motor to a door opener button outside the door to the house and to the part I am trying to replace (yes I bought a new one),the button before you go out of the garage. There are additional plug in wires that go to the outside keypad, they are not the problem.Yes I have replaced the 9 volt.This is an old unit, I am thinking of replacing the entire garage door system. I can't attach the 4 wires to the 3 screws on the back of the new part!

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