wasoSeptember 2, 2008

Garage door opens but will not open. When pushing the button it still trys to close even while door is all the way down. Although one sensor seems to work properly but the other wont even turn the light on when u pass by it??

The unit is about a 10 yr old sears door opener. what next?? Thanks for anything Jim

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sounds like it is either way out of adjustment, or a bad board. also the eyes are either bad or misaligned. the eyes won't affect the opening part, but should STOP the closing unless you hold the button.

10yr old opener, i would just replace it.

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It sounds like your limit settings are off. They are the white dials on the side of the machine marked with a (+) and a (-) symbol. Did you are any point turn those dials?

It would be rare for a machine to fall out of adjustment, but I would check those settings first before you invested any money in a new machine.

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I have not touched the adjustments so there for I think it may be in the board and yes I did hold the button to close the door all the way so?? sensors or board??

thanks for the help guys,

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Most Chamberlain products provide easy access to limit and force adjustments. The limits are generally white in color (and are as described above) and the force adjustments are generally blue and are marked with an Up & Down arrow and a diagram that indicates the increase in pressure/force the machine exerts during operation.

These are not problems that the average homeowner can't tackle on their own. If you don't have your owners manual to reference, if you go to www.Liftmaster.com, you can generally search for and download a .pdf version for free.

You may be experiencing a combination of several problems.

Just to confirm your issues....

1. The only way to close the door is to press and hold down on the wall button? If you release your hold on the wall button, or attempt to use your remote controls to close the door, will it just go part way, stop, reverse, then the overhead light will flash on/off multiple times?

2. When the door is in the UP POSITION and you attempt to close the door, it goes all the way down, hits the floor, stops and reverses?

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Yes the only way I was able to close the door was hold the wall button untill the door shut. Now then when I released the wall button it did stop and is still down. No the light does not flash, now it did flash when I disconected one of the door sensors it flashed 10 time, with that telling me that the sensor was disconected correct? The door will not go in the up position it is stuck in the down position. Thank you so much for your help and time sierragaragedoor1971

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Wow, so.....if I'm understanding you right, it sounds like your problems keep changing up on you.

Honestly, I think it's time to schedule an in-home service call.

If you go to http://locator.liftmaster.com/dealerlocator and enter your information, you can find an authorized dealer in your area.

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