Sears garage door opener remotes

d-kiddSeptember 21, 2009

We have three Sears garage door openers, two were here when we moved in:

- 1/3 hp Model...Board# 41A4315-7D...07/1996

- 1/2 hp Model...Board# 41A4315-7D...11/1998

We have one remote that works on both of these...the sticker is gone off the back but the number on the board is 48582 (I assume it is a "billion code" remote)

The new opener is a CRAFTSMAN®/MD Belt-drive Garage Door Opener DC Model with Battery Backup and came with two remotes #139.18191

The older GDO's don't want to accept these new remotes as I understand they work at different frequencies.

Are there any remotes that will work with all three of these openers? (three button universal) or will the CRAFTSMAN®/MD Universal Remote Control Conversion Kit work with both of the older GDO's without having to buy one for each opener?

Trying to get any info out of Sears (if anyone has tried it) is impossible.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, this is my first time on this site and I can see the wife and I will be visiting often.


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If you get the model number off either of your older openers and look up under Sears parts you should find remotes that will work with either one. The model number should be on the opposite end of the opener from the board number you found. It starts with 139.

Below is a website with information about a universal remote that will operate your new opener and one of the old units. It will only work with 2. This site also has a very good video with instructions for programming the new remote.
I'm pretty sure you can buy this remote at Home Depot or any Chamberlain dealer in the yellow pages. Its model number is KLIK1U.

I don't know of any remote that will work with all 3 of your openers.

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