LVT ? is there really much difference in vinyl tile adhesive?

sunroomguyMay 10, 2012

i will be buying congoleum's ovation luxury vinyl tile soon. the dura set adhesive they recommend is $60 per gal (i can only assume because it would be considered a specialty adhesive). my local box store stores sells 3.5 gallons of vinyl sheet and tile adhesive for $35. i find it hard to believe that the LVT is so different that is should cost 6 times more. are there any professionals out there that can tell me if my thinking is rational or not? i'm not trying to do this on the cheap, but don't like getting ripped off either. thanx

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A solid vinyl tile is much different than a felt back. you must use the adhesive recommended or a disaster will occur when subjected to moisture!

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Ovations LVT/P is not a solid vinyl tile. Its is a composite material containing limestone. Dura Set (DS100) is NOT recommended for solid vinyl tile either.

Dura Set (DS100) is an acrylic pressure sensative adhesive specifically designed for LVT plank and tile. You DO NOT want to use standard clearset, thin-spread, or multi-purpose adhesives for LVT.

There are less expensive acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive alternatives that are warranteed for use with LVT's. One brand we use is Parabond's Fusion Series 5082 Vinyl Tile and Plank Adhesive.

Check with you local flooring installers shop or flooring installation product distributor. Some of them will sell adhesives and professional's tools to the general public.

As always, follow instructions to the letter, double and triple check warranties, and follow all safety recommendations.

All that said, if you are DIY'ing this, I would reconsider paying the extra scratch for congoleum DS100 adhesive. Then the warranty is a one-stop shop for you with congoleum should the project fail and you need to file a claim, otherwise you would have at least TWO manufacturers and TWO different warranties to navigate throguh, negotiate, and come to an agreement about. This is of course if it isnt a DIY installation error, which is very easy to do for those not in the trade.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parabond's Fusion Series 5082 Vinyl Tile and Plank Adhesive :

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Ovations is a thinner version of DuraCeramic. Both products chip easily in my opinion. Duraset should be used as Congo is excellent with warranties if you use the right installation techniques.

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