crazy garage door wood type!!!

sara0875September 1, 2008

I NEED HELP FIGURING OUT WHAT KIND OF MATERIAL IS USED ON MY GARAGE DOOR. there are four panels that make up the garage door. each is made up of the following:

solid wood frame (on all four sides) of the panel

some kind of masonite that covers both sides of the frame making up the inside and outside faces of the panel.

and then...the crazy part... if cross section is cut, it looks like a honeycomb cardboard inside.


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Is there not a manufacturer's label anywhere on the door?

It is usually in an area that we refer to as the "end cap." It will be around on the side where the track is and could be on one or all of the panels.

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i'll check the end caps. good idea!
all i have found, so far, were scribbled measurements on the top and bottom sides of the panels(in between the "folds").i can;t rememebr if i did look at the ends, though, so it's worth another glance. thanks for the idea!
also, i found it may fall under the category of COMPOSITE.

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...some kind of masonite

A composite would be right. Essentially glue and wood fibers.

...if cross section is cut, it looks like a honeycomb cardboard inside.

Hollow core. The hollow part reduces weight and the amount of material needed to make the door. The honeycomb adds strength.

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