Stainmaster vs. SmartStrand

azulturtleMay 1, 2013

I am looking to replace carpet in two bedrooms and a staircase. I think I've narrowed it down to either a Stainmaster nylon cut/loop pattern or a SmartStrand poly based cut/loop pattern. Both are from Lowe's. I was considering Martha Stewart's line of patterned Nylon from Home Depot as well but the pricing is better at Lowe's and the quality seems higher than the MS.
Does anyone have any experience with either of these carpets or brands? We do have pets and the areas are high traffic. I know wood is preferrable but its just not in the budget for a not-our-forever home.

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I just had Stainmaster Trusoft installed in my family room the other day. So far, I like it but I certainly haven't had a stain yet. It is soft but not super plush. I did not get it at Lowes even though they have a big selection of SM -- the service at my local Lowes is awful so I ended up at a local carpet store.

My friend got Smartstrand and was unable to push her Dyson vacuum on it. I don't want a new vac, so I went with the SM -- vacuum is only slightly harder to push than my old carpet.

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Just lurking here, trying to glean information. I just started what promises to be a daunting task to find/install carpeting. I thought the MS carpet selection was good; and generally am old school with the Stainmaster nylon. It's been a stable workhorse for many years. In fact that's what I'm replacing now; it's been down 18 years. It cleans up nicely, but I'm just so tired of it. I too think I will go to a carpet store for final decision rather than Lowes or HD - I don't get a good feeling about service and professional installation is especially important.

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We have had good luck with Home Depot installer in the past (they just did our basement) but found their selection lacking (I wanted a patterned carpet for the formal living room.

Lowes is big on Stainmaster but there is usually only one person working the entire department. This guy sat and stared at his computer ignoring us until we asked for help. He then just stood there -- never asked what rooms we were carpeting, what we were looking for. It was like pulling teeth.

The local carpet company was very good -- salesman even came to the house to measure. Installers were very professional.

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I should also say that I never considered having to replace my vacuum cleaner when deciding on a new carpet. I also have a Dyson and will consider the vacuum issue before choosing a new carpet.

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@stir_fryi - If you have pets and are looking for carpet in high traffic areas, then SmartStrand will prove to be the perfect fit. It is more durable and stain resistant than Nylon, and the stain protection is engineered in so that it never wears off!

SmartStrand carpets are not experiencing any vacuum issues, but if you select a premium soft carpet such as SmartStrand Silk then you will want to pair the perfect vacuum with it. Dyson vacuums are not Carpet & Rug Institute approved, so I would always recommend purchasing a model that is CRI approved. In the grand scheme of things, you don't want to install a gorgeous carpet and use an ill-suited vacuum to maintain it.

If you have a premium soft carpet, you want to find a vacuum that has:
-Beater bar with adjustable height
-Wide wheels (this will keep the vacuum higher & more flexible)

Here are some great models to check out:

Standard Upright Vacuum:
Hoover UH70120
Hoover UH70205
Hoover U5780-950
Dirt Devil UD70115
Eureka AS5203A

Lightweight/No Depth Adjustment:
Oreck Magnesium
Oreck Magnesium RS
Hoover Nano UH20020W

Canister Vacuum:
Hoover Canister S3865
Oreck Quest Pro

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DIY guy -- SmartStrand carpets are not experiencing any vacuum issues,..

I don't know how you can say that --- just google Smartstrand and "vacuum".

I already had Stainmaster installed this week -- I love it so far, but haven't really vacuumed it yet. I'll update when I give it a good go...

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DIY guy seems to pop up everytime there is a mention of SS carpet, with what sounds very much like company sales pitch. My guess he either sells it or works for the parent company.

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I thought the vacuum cleaner issues were limited to Smartstrand Silk not the regular Smartstrand.

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I have smartstrand and it vacuums fine. When I was deciding to get it I did lots of research and it was the Silk having problems with vacuuming. I did SS in bedrooms and a stainmaster berber on steps. I love them both. I got mine at Lowes d/t carpet stores costly almost $800 more for the same carpet. My install was fine. I made sure they did (power stretch) everything everyone on here suggested.

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