Finished Garage?

rivkadrSeptember 5, 2006

How many of you have a finished garage (i.e. drywall, paint, good electrical)? My husband and I are debating whether or not to do anything with our current garage. The house itself is over 50 years old -- the garage is dark, gloomy, and full of spiders. It's a place I avoid if I can help it :) We're planning on staying in this house for several years, so I'd personally like to have a garage that I didn't hate.

We're thinking of putting in insulation (we may eventually put our exercise equipment in the garage, if we have kids, since they'll get what is now the exercise room), drywall, painting, and putting lots of storage cabinets along the back wall and sides. In addition, my husband would love to have a nice workbench for all his tools (currently, there's a rickety splintery old table out there). We'd probably have to get a new garage door as well, since the current one is sort of jerryrigged into place, and we'd like to get rid of as much of the "jerryrigging" by the previous owner as possible (don't get us started on the electrical work he did; exposed wires are fun!)

Have any of you taken on a project of this scope? Are you glad you did it? Any advice?

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Ours is insulated, drywalled, and trimmed at the door jambs. It looks nice. Extensive electrical.

We do lots of work in the garage tho, projects, hobbies, woodworking, construction.

We did it at our old house, and have since had opportunity to talk to the new owners. They're not home-improvers but they rave about it and how they can plug something in anywhere and they love the storage.

It's a great starter project, since if you screw anything up, you often can resort to "that's okay, it's just the garage" and learn how to do stuff well for when you do your kitchen or bath someday.


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