How to make a portable shed taller?

catherinetSeptember 25, 2010


We recently got a 6" lifted golf cart to ride around our property, since I'm having alot of trouble with my knees.

Its great. But we don't have a garage to keep it in. We do have a good cover for it, but would like to keep it even more protected in the winter.

I'm thinking of getting a ShelterLogic 10x10x8 portable shed. I've looked at alot of them, and this one seems to be the best for our needs. But......even though the peak is 8', the entry height is several inches too short for the roof on the golf cart to clear. (our roof is about 6'3").

I don't really want to cut the cart roof supports down.

Could I do this: Put cement blocks all the way around the bottom of the "shed" and attach the bottom steel bars to the blocks with bungee cords. This would lift it up enough for the golf cart to clear the opening.

But.....would it be stable in the wind? We could still somehow connect the tie-down anchors to the ground.

Does this sound reasonable? Any other suggestions?

Fortunately, its going to be between our shed and very tall pine trees, so it will be somewhat protected from the wind.

Thanks for your help!

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You could make a foundation of pressure treated 2x10s (or 2x6, 2x8 etc) on edge which are attached to the shed floor, with a 2x4 flange on the top edge to secure the shed onto.
I wouldn't use bungees, they don't make a good permanent installation.
You don't indicate what type of floor you are planning. That could make a difference on anchoring the shed.

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Thanks randy,
As it turns out, when we went to pick the shed up at Tractor Supply, we discovered (dimensions on the box that weren't on the internet) that it had a 6'3" we're good, without having to raise it up at all.
Thanks for your help!

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