Garage floor - need help

clarannSeptember 13, 2011

I wanted to have my garage floor epoxied and did alot of research. Then found out there is a sealer on it and the cost to have this removed was too much for us. We're retired and are not doing this ourselves.

So on to plan B. Can I have the floor resealed with a colored stain to freshen it up and not have to take off the sealer first. I'm thinking this will be much less expensive.

Or what would you suggest?

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I called my local paint store and the gentleman told me I could use a pole sander to scuff up the current sealer and then use a Quickrete stain/sealer on it. DH thinks he call tackle this. It sounds like it will be too much for him. This will only cost about $100. But even if I convince him to hire someone, I'd like to know if this system will work.

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Well, epoxy coating is one of the best solutions for you to get rid of your garage floor problems. I think it's the best way to fix the problem.

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I think that you should also consider a floor tile (snaplock makes great tile systems for garages) or a roll-out mat that will cover the floor.

You didn't mention why you wanted to epoxy the floor. Is it too slick when wet? Is it dusty? Is it just aesthetics? If you mention why you want to make a change, then we can maybe provide other alternatives than the effort it will take to put down an epoxy coating.

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