Lawn Mower Repair

obrien040362September 10, 2006

My mower only runs in full choke. If I back off the choke it stalls. Any sugestions on how to fix it?

I am not sure were to post. Do you know of any forums on small engine repair?

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Might ask in the Lawn Mower Forum. Might tell what make & model mower and same for the motor ,, horsepower too .

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I have a 2001 Lawboy Pro 10550. Last summer I had some issues and I was told to buy a rebuilt kit carb. I did and my nephew put it together. It ran fine for a couple of weeks mowing and then it started doing the same thing again.
It is fouling out the plug by getting to much gas, is my guess. I have searched the net for information concerning instruction on how to adjust the set screws on the carb. I would like to hear some input concerning this matter, thank you.

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I wonder if you have a blocked jet if it will run with choke only. Might also be mixture.

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I rescued a wood chipper in this condition 2 months ago. I mixed an ounce of Seafoam and 1/2 ounce of Marvel Mystery Oil into an empty 2 gallon gas can. I took it to the gas station and filled it up a little then mixed it all together then filled it up all the way. I ran that in the wood chipper plus I also added like 1/2 ounce of Seafoam to the oil and 1/4 ounce of Marvel Mystery Oil to the oil. After 2-3 hours of use I did an oil change. It seems to work perfect now.

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I'll offer a few novice ideas.

Vacuum it with a good strong shop vac.
Spray lube at linkage points.
Check the plug and air filter.
Put new gas in with Stabil.

Ten years ago I had a new Craftmans mower. 'One Pull Start'. Never started without Starter fluid. Gave it back to me twice when after 'fixing' it. The third time they changed the carb and it ran properly.

Lawn Mower Forum or Tool Shed forum

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I have a JD Sabre 14.5HP OHV-42 cut mower that ran OK last year, but, now has fresh gas, charged battery(160 CC) good air filter, valves adjusted to spec-twice OK; new gates 1/4" fuel line from tank to pump and pump to carb. Newish gas filter is OK. Took the carb off and found fine silt-light brown silt in bowl and sprayed main jet with carb cleaner until no more fine silt. I had taken the crankcase off and checked the lobes of cam and they are good and lined up dots on gears when reassembled. I can crank all day and spray gas or starter spray thru the air filter-opening into the carb and it will not start. Does pop and the plug is very new and is wet. Holding spark plug on the valve cover shows a nice white spark. The decompression mechanism seems to be working nicely- doesn't take much to turn over. the fuel pump really works nicely and the anti diesel mechanism is clicking every time the key is turned on and the plunger is readily working. And it will not run. I would like to have someone give me some HELP! This motor ran for 5 seconds and then I turned off the key thinking that it would continue and it did not; then, as now it would not start or even run on vapors sprayed directly in the carb throat. The clock of hours says 212 hrs. and the oil was good. The 80 years old man owner
died and his wife gave me the mower. The valves were way off the setting when I first examined the setting and check push rods-OK now. One push rod was aluminum. The bearings are great on the connect rod and the cylinder walls look good. I usually get 270K or better out of my cars. Any ideas friends?

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I have a lawn boy walk behind (10301) and the base shroud snapped from it's engine mounts. Anyone know where I can buy a replacement, new or used? Discontinued on parts web pages. thanks

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