Another Craftsman GDO Problem - Is it dead?

jds145September 14, 2007

Hello. I have a 1/2 hp Craftsman Garage Door Opener Model Number 139.53675SRT2, installed in Jan. 1999. The GDO has stopped functioning. The door is in the closed position. When I try to open the door, either from a remote control or from a keypad, nothing happens. The 2 lights turn on (I infer this means there is power supplied to the motor), but there is nothing from the motor itself - no noise, no operation, no nothing. There is a small indicator light next to the "learn" button. That indicator light blinks repeatedly 5 times, and then stops, and then repeats the blinking. The door can be opened manually when I use the emergency release function, but the door opener will not operate even after manually opening the door.

I have searched other posts in this forum, and I have found others with similar problems. The suggested fix in many instances is to check whether the trolley is jammed by a stop bolt. However, that suggested fix seems to be inapplicable where, as here, the door is closed, not open. I cannot find any such bolt in any event anywhere near the trolley, so it is possible (perhaps likely) I'm missing something important here.

I appreciate any and all help. Many thanks.

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That small LED blinking 5 times is the code for RPM sensor or motor overload as you may know. I would first take the cover off and look at the limit switch assembly. You can get a pretty good idea how this works just by studying it. I would almost suspect someone has mis-adjusted it but I could be wrong. Could be a bad motor also.

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Thanks, Don. I'm not qualified to start doing internal stuff on the GDO. Is there somewhere I can find the equivalent of "Garage Door Openers for Dummies" to get enough basic knowledge to try what you suggest? Again, many thanks.

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The limit swithches are not hard to miss take off the cover and stand directly under the opener and look up you will see them. If you are standing under the opener facing towards the garage door you will see two white knobs sticking out the left side. That is your limit switch assembly. I don't know of any garage door openers for dummies manuals, if so I would have read it by now.

Another option is to take the chain off the sprocket and hit the opener button and see if you have the same problem. By taking the chain off the sprocket you eliminate the trolley assembly.

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