Santos Mahogany Floors anyone have?

susanlynn2012May 27, 2013

Anyone install Santos Mahogany Floors and if you did, would you do it again? How long before the final darkening happened? Why did you choose them over the other exotic floor offerings? What width board did you go with? Any pictures? I am trying to decide if I want to go with an exotic wood floor again and if I would choose Santos Mahogany or Brazilian Cherry or Kempas. Thank you. I will cross post this.

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Here is a photo of Santos we sold and installed many years ago. Hope you like it.
Santos Mahogany is a forever beautiful wood flooring to me. Very stable wood with pleasant fragrance. Unfortunately it has not been selling well because the design society has not been in favor of reddish floors in the past few years. Santos is the rare few species that will turn a little lighter with sun exposure,

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Uniquewoodfloor, thank you so much for sharing the picture! I love floors with a lot of red in them. I love the floor and like that it does not keep getting darker.

What width board is this floor as I love the way it looks!

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I have had Santos Mahogany in my living room and entranceway for eight years. We have Lauzon Nextstep engineered.

It is quite nice and we get many compliments on it, but in retrospect it is perhaps a little too red. We are building a new home and will probably go with walnut.

I respectfully disagree with the poster above. The floor definitely darkens with time and exposure. The color variation will reduce over time and become more uniform and the floor will turn a deeper red.

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Thank you pliesj for letting me know that the floor does get darker with time and exposure and more red. I love red but I was hoping the floor would not get as dark as my Brazilian Cherry Floors. I wanted a medium color. I do like the look of exotic floors. I am going to look at pictures of Lauzon Nextstep engineered online and see what this walnut floor looks like. I have a cherry desk so I was hoping for some red tint in my floors. Thank you for sharing.

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I am seeing so many Lauzon floors I like that are floating with sawn cuts! The walnut is beautiful but darker than I would like my floor to be.

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Lynn2006, it was a 3" wide solid prefiinished floor. As for the color change, I can not argue with pliesj's personal experience. I am familiar with Lauzon's engineered Santos. Here is a quote I found:
"Santos Mahogany undergoes a slight degree of color change with a
slight muting of the color range over time"

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Thank you UniqueWoodFloor for letting me know. I am liking the less wide floors for myself due to so much furniture in my home office. I am now looking at 3" to 3.5" engineered wood floors in either the Santos Mahogany or Brazilian Cherry to replace my 5" wide BR-111 Brazilian Cherry Floors damaged in a flood I had from my water heater.

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