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laurielilacSeptember 5, 2006

While waiting for our house to close in Maine, I visited Sherrill dealers in RI to identify a sofa for our future TV room. I have a Sherrill chair and had a wonderful sofa from Sherrill about 15 years ago. Since the two dealers in RI would not allow a sofa to be delivered to us in a different state, and not wanting to haul a new sofa in a pickup truck some 300 miles, I ordered the sofa through an internet dealer. This sofa, which was extremely comfortable when I "visited" it some 10-12 times, is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I have ever sat (or laid) on. The sample was upholstered in light weight cotton. I ordered it in chenille and with the downwrap seat cushion. Could a fabric account for such a huge difference? About six weeks ago I wrote to Sherrill asking for help/advice and have not had a reply. Does anyone know of a specific person at Sherrill that I could contact? I am beside myself with anxiety over this. Thank you for your help. Laurie

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I don't think you will get a response from Sherrill as their loyalty is to the retailer/discounter who ordered the sofa, and they are not set up to deal directly with the public. Sherrill assumes that they supplied what was ordered, and they probably did.

Your first call should have been to the company where you ordered the sofa. There should be some company policy to deal with after purchase situations printed on your order or receipt.

Sherrill offers many types of cushions and you need to verify, first, that you ordered the same type of cushions that you sat on, and then that the retailer ordered what you requested.

You didn't describe what the actual problem is with the cushions. Are they too hard, too soft, what exactly? After ordering sofas for clients for many years, I will tell you that down cushions will often come overstuffed like marshmallows and then 'settle' after a few months of use and smash down slightly. That is a good thing so that you don't end up with cushions that 'puddle' after a bit of use. Cushions will sit differently if you compare fabric to leather, but not cotton to chenille.

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Beverly is correct when she said you probably will not hear from Sherrill. But you can call them. I don't know their number, but call 828-555-1212 for Hickory, NC. info. Get the main number and ask the person who answers their phone for the local (the state where the site is located, not your state) Sherrill sales rep phone number. They should give it to you. Don't bother trying to get the factory to help, you are not their customer. The dealer is. Call the rep and explain your dilemna. Provided you purchased it from an authorized Sherrill dealer, (always a question mark via the internet) he should be able to help.

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Even if you do Contact the Mfg's rep. You may not get alot of help. You cut him out of the loop as soon as you went to the Internet company. (unless it's based locally) He didn't get paid and may not be able to service it correctly. He utilizes the store where you purchased it to solve problems.

Because he may work on commission and gets paid based on what his local dealer base sells. Not what an internet company sells to an area.

I know you explained why you used an internet company for your purchase. But this is why I feel you should buy from a local dealer. They can stand by their service where the internet companies will not. (usually)

Also "Young's Furniture" out of Portland Maine is a dealer of Sherrill's. You may be able to purchase cushions from them if need be.

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Thank you all for the advice. I will at least give it a shot since I was a confirmed believer before this happened. What I don't understand is how a piece of furniture could be so terribly wrong for the human body. In the future I will not only purchase locally, but I want it off the floor as well. That is the only way you know what you are getting. Laurie

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