22'4" x 25'8" for a two car garage?

bkpinkhaSeptember 6, 2013

We are in the process of building a house and our architect has our garage being 22'4" wide and 25'8" long. Is this big enough for a two car garage? I drive a jeep suv and my husband drives a 4 runner suv. We will have a storage shed to house tools and things but will need the lawn mower, weed eater, etc. to fit in the garage.

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That's pretty narrow, even without trying to get the lawn equipment past the cars.

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Thanks randy!! I think so too. I am going to see if my architect can feet another foot or two of width in the plans.

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My biggest mistake thus far, not building the garage as big as possible. You won't get a feel for it until you actually step inside it. I actually added 2' to the width and still didn't get it right. Ours is 24' x 26' and I wish I'd have gone one more foot each way. There is room for cars, but once lawn equipment, bikes, and other necessities are added, it will get pretty small. I've never heard anyone complain yet about their garage being too big... lot's the other way though. Good luck...

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I guess it is sufficient to park two cars....May it favorably works for their proper placement...

Here is a link that might be useful: body kit

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