Anyone with problems with Mohawk Hollywood Hills carpet?

cheyenne51May 14, 2011

Hi-I had Hollywood Hills Briarpatch carpet installed in my living room in October 2008. Since then, it has worn terribly, matted down and looks AWFUL!! It has the appearance of a carpet that is twenty + years old. There are only two of us living in the house, so it's not from lots of traffic. I have contacted the installer and dealer and gotten a "claim form" from Wear-Dated thru Mohawk, but wonder if anyone out there has had similar wear problems, and gotten any results if they tried to file a claim on it?? Appreciate any input I can get...thanks!!

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I worked for Mohawk for yrs. Does this carpet have an 'appearance retention' warranty? Did you ever have it professionally steam cleaned? Normally matting and crushing are not a warrantied item, however on some Wear dated and other products additional warrantys are included assuming you did the basic recommended cleaning.

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We are experiencing horrible problems with our Hollywood Hills carpet-we have only had it for a year and it looks like we have had it for 15 years! We had an inspection done-but they denied our claim thus far-we have not given up hope that our complaint will be heard by the right people!!

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Sounds like a polyester to me. Claims inspectors are hired guns for the most part. Did the store come out to view? If it crapped itself after one year, you have to bang on the store big is the only chance you have if claims turned it have the right to hire your own inspector. I do not know the product exactly, but if mashed down after a year, probably a poly is my guess. Need specs and warranty details and if you bought from an independent, box, or online. Then I can coach you guys into having a fighting chance.

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