Hardwood Base Door Railings and Windows

ZoarRoadMay 10, 2013

So I have a problem and I need someone's help. 3 years ago I laid down 1500 sq ft of Walnut floor in our 25 year old home in WI that replaced carpet. I took off all the cherry stained oak molding to install the floor. I need to put up new baseboard...but my wife and I have been 'discussing' the choice for 3 years. We see three choices (ok she see's only 2) that is put the original stuff back up; or put up a 4" white (ivory) painted base, and my personal favorite is to use a natural stained maple with a walnut quarter molding. It ties the whole wood theme together, but doesn't look like that nasty Oak...which is everywhere in the house. Doors windows railings Kitchen cabinets (we didn't change the floor in the kitchen). Sorry for being long winded here...suggestions?

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here's the ivory

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the Cherry stained Oak

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From a pros view point. Either choices you could make a case for.

The white baseboard in my opinion is being over played right now. Unless you have other white woodwork in your home.

But out of the three options i love the maple.
You sometimes see maple floors with a walnut border and having the maple base kinda gives that illusion.

On the other hand your wife is right. Shes always right. Install the white woodwork and save yourself the headache. :)

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