Craftsman Garage Door Opener

tomofohioSeptember 13, 2008

My chain came off the sprocket above the main console. I had to remove the chain in order to rethread. Once rethread, the door will close, but once it reaches the garage floor, it automatically opens again.

I've adjusted the up and down force buttons with no luck. I don't have a manual as the previous owner did not leave one.

Should I remove the chain again, this time running the opener while it is diconnected, and then rethread it again?

Thanks for the help.

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With the door in the open position, remove the chain from the sprocket and run the opener until the sprocket turns counterclockwise and stops. Replace the chain. You may now need to adjust the up and down limit controls until the door opens and closes to the proper position. These controls are on the side of the opener. Turning these controls in the direction of the arrow printed on the cover will increase travel.

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Model #139.53876 is no longer operational. I checked with Sears on a replacement. They no longer stock this item. Can anyone tell me where I might get a replacement model?



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Chris Spinnato

You can go to E-BAY and you can find a replacement key pad.

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There is more than one keypad and if you buy the wrong one it won't work. Match the model number or don't purchase. Have you tried replacing the battery?

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Chris Spinnato

Sears still sells the 53876 keypad.

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