Randall Allan vs Hancock and Moore standards.

Dr_jitsuSeptember 29, 2011

I have 2 Hancock and Moore Chairs (one a 3032 recliner for Home Theater use) and was thinking of picking up another recliner.

However this chair will be purely for guest use and thus need not be as durable as my H and M.

I have found a Randall Allan recliner (online) that looks very similar to my H and M. I can get this chair for $900 delivered. I can also get another H and M for $1500 delivered (a 1021 series w/ a married cover from Duane at the Keeping room). My concern about the H and M is I do not know how well it will fit me (the 3032 I picked up was from a local retailer for $2k fits perfectly) and that is why maybe picking the RA would be a better option.

The question about the RA is, they are made in Singapore and of course labor costs are much lower. One retailer told me, however, that they still use H and M standards (kiln dried wood, 8 way hand tied springs and married covers which on my H and M are very nice). Another told me that RA does NOT adhere to H and M standards and are in no way at all of comparable quality.

Who is correct?


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